We Think We Found Nova in These Avengers: Endgame Stills

Shockwaves rippled through the online fan community Monday as the directors of Avengers: Endgame revealed possibly the film’s biggest secret yet. Look closely and you may see for yourself. Read More >>

A Stellar Explosion Could Be Visible In the Night Sky in 2022

It’s not often that a new body appears in the night sky — aside from meteors and the occasionally comet, things tend to look pretty much the same. Now, astronomers predict that a pair of stars so close they’re basically touching will collide and create a so-called red nova, resulting in a bright explosion visible to the naked eye. Read More >>

Looks Like Huawei’s Still Doing the “Phone for Women” Thing

A new phone from Chinese smartphone establishment troubler Huawei is rumoured to be on the cards for next month's IFA tech event, and it's good to see that Huawei is finally addressing a huge problem that afflicts 50 per cent of our society -- it's making a smartphone that women will be able to use. Read More >>

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World’s Longest Neutrino Beam Will Explore Why the Universe Still Exists

It may not possess the sense of overwhelming grandeur that CERN can muster, but Fermilab's new 500-mile long neutrino experiment is just as ambitious. Leveraging the most powerful accelerator-based neutrino experiment ever built in the US, researchers hope to unravel sub-atomic secrets and, through them, discover why the universe didn't collapse back in upon itself immediately after the Big Bang. Read More >>

Six Android Launchers to Supercharge Your Smartphone

There are scores of Android launchers out there for people who don't want to be stuck with TouchWiz (or whatever bloated skin came with your phone). But choosing among them can be a chore. With so many features to parse, which launcher should you use? Here's a few to get you started. Read More >>

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How To Extract Your Own DNA Using Household Items

You can extract your own DNA with drinking water, salt, dish soap, alcohol, food coloring, and your own spit! This NOVA/PBS-made video shows you how. Read More >>