Massive Twitter Bot Army Exposed by Its Obsession With Star Wars

Bot accounts are the bane of Twitter. The automated accounts that are often characterised by the default egg icon can wreak all sorts of havoc and totally turn the tide on topics that are trending. In a new paper, researchers discovered a bot army of 350,000 accounts that all had one thing in common: a love of Star Wars novels. Read More >>

This Horror Novel is Written Only With GIFs

Remember books? They were good weren’t they? We remember whiling away hours upon hours pouring over reams of words, falling into worlds created for us through the written medium. Read More >>

There’s a Horror Novel Lurking in These Ikea-Style Photos

For the DIY-challenged among us, Ikea catalogues are already terrifying enough in their own right. For everybody else, there's Horrorstör—a traditional haunted house story dressed up in trendy, Scandinavian flat-pack furniture. Read More >>

A Book of Tweets by People Claiming They’re Working on Their Novels

Novels aren't going to write themselves, you know. But when they don't, simply turn to Twitter. A new book features tweets by would-be authors who are totally working on their novels, but had to stop working on their novels so they could post something to Twitter about working on their novels. Read More >>

The Books Everyone Starts and Nobody Finishes, According to Amazon

Picking up a book is gratifying: look at me, not reading dumb listicles on the internet! Finishing a book, however, is a challenge. Which of this summer's top-selling books have the highest reader attrition? Dr. Jordan Ellenberg has a semi-scientific way to find out, using buyer-generated info from Amazon to identify this year's most unread book. Read More >>

Fake Crowdsourced Sex Novel Hoping to “Troll” 50 Shades of Grey Fans

Some hilarious internet pranksters have released a fake romance novel on iTunes, managing to get the erotic fiction up to #4 in the iTunes chart simply by it looking a bit like senior citizen wank read of choice 50 Shades of Grey. Read More >>

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A Beautifully Illustrated Stop-Motion Animation of Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea

You should really still read Ernest Hemingway's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about an aging fisherman's battle with a massive marlin. But if you can't be bothered, this animation serves as the most enjoyable CliffsNotes you'll ever find for The Old Man and the Sea. Read More >>