Tamagotchi 2014 Review: My Pocket Friend Left Me Before I Could Kill Him

Remember Tamagotchis? Of course you do. They taught you about responsibility. They taught you about friendship. But most importantly, they taught you that friends don't leave friends in rooms filled with their own faeces. Now, it's time to reopen those old, grief-stricken wounds. The Tamagotchi is back—and it is still hungry. Read More >>

This Giant Camera is Not a Fake but a Two-Storey Building

When I first saw this giant camera standing bigger than the house next to it I instantly thought it had to be a fake. It wasn't. It's a real and quite wonderful place in South Korea: The Dreamy Café. Read More >>

Stylish Knife Block Lets You Safely Play Five Finger Fillet

We're not sure how many fingers have been lost after people watch Aliens and try to recreate Bishop's Five Finger Fillet stunt. But if you stick to only playing with this lovely knife block, you'll never have to worry about an emergency trip to the hospital. Read More >>

Commemorate All Famous Shipwrecks With This Sinking Shower Curtain

We're not sure if it will ever not be 'too soon' to make light of the Titanic tragedy. But for just £15 this novelty shower curtain will serve as a daily reminder of any shipwreck, from the Lusitania, to the Edmund Fitzgerald. Read More >>

Inflatable Captain’s Chair Is Where Kirk Would Have Spent a Day At the Beach

Star Trek encouraged us to boldly go where no man has gone before. And as long as that's nowhere near a thumbtack or a safety pin, you can do so in comfort and style with ThinkGeek's new inflatable Captain's Chair. Read More >>

Where Better To Store Your Earbuds Than On a Pair Of Ears?

Tired of spending ten minutes unraveling your headphones like they're a MENSA puzzle when you take them out of your pocket? Then you need a cable wrap, and what's more apropos for storing a set of earbuds than a disembodied set of ears? Read More >>

Sending This Candle To a Watery Grave Is a Beautiful Way To Remember the Titanic?

Haha, remember when that giant ocean liner sank taking the lives of over 1,500 people? It's a good thing come April that will have happened 100 years ago because that makes it ok to sell tacky novelty tie-in products. Right? Right? Read More >>

’90s-Inspired Case Gives You the Flip iPhone that Apple Never Will

Last year ThumbsUp! created an '80s iPhone case transforming your fancy Apple creation into the clunky bricks of that era. This year the company's back with a '90s iPhone case that instead gives it the flip-style functionality that none of us actually miss. Read More >>

Glowing Bubbles Turn Any Occasion Into a Kid-Safe Rave

I don't know why black lights make everything cooler, but they do. And if your ten-year-old has been asking for a rave-themed birthday party, these Tekno Black Light Bubbles are the perfect favour. You know, instead of psychedelic drugs and alcohol. Read More >>

Wait, Why Do I Want Goggles That Show Me the World Upside-Down?

Maybe I'm missing the boat here, or am too old to comprehend another bizarre fad, but I'm having a hell of a time trying to figure out why someone would want to wear goggles that make the world look reversed. Read More >>

Ridiculous Fur Case Adds Brushing To Your iPhone Cleaning Ritual

My iPhone already has no problem attracting all manner of mysterious dirt and crap, so the last thing I need is one of these Monster fur cases that's going to turn it into a magnet for dust, lint, and fuzzballs. Read More >>

Let Schrödinger’s Cat Decide If You Should Order Sushi Or Thai

Any decision in life, whether ordering take-out or taking over a corporation, should be left to the randomness of the universe. Like flipping a coin, or even better, a 1935 thought experiment on quantum mechanics by an Austrian physicist. Read More >>

I Can’t Stop Staring at This Clock’s Ticking Six Mark

As wall clocks go the Paniki from Stallinga is even more plain and boring than the one you stared at in school. Save for the tick mark at the six position, which mesmerisingly swings back and forth counting off the seconds. Read More >>

I Hope This Giant Wall of Scrabble Contains Centuple Word Scores

If you suck at Scrabble as much as I do, the prospect of putting your epic three-letter creations on display with this massive 49-square foot board isn't that appealing. Nor is paying £7,695 just to embarrass yourself. Read More >>

Shuriken Sticky Notes Make For Stealthy Office Reminders

I love everything about these ninja-inspired throwing star sticky notes from ThinkGeek. Everything except the fact they're made from black paper, making them next to impossible to write on with anything other than a special marker. Read More >>