Humans Are So Insignificant When the History of the Earth Is Laid Out on an American Football Field

Humanity gets served up a nice slice of humble pie in this NPR video that lays out the history of our planet on an American football field. Even in a giant stadium, every inch represents an incredible 1.3 million years. Which means that humans, who walk around like they own the place, only show up about an eighth-of-an-inch from the end zone. Read More >>

The People Who Make Your Videos Go Viral

Aside from Justin Bieber videos, YouTube’s greatest contribution to the internet has been in the ‘humans being dumb’ genre — everyone loves watching, say, people failing to pour ice water on their heads. But viral videos don’t just go viral on their own; in many cases, there’s a viral puppet-master pulling the strings. Read More >>

The Snapshot Game Has Changed, According to Collector of Thousands

No one can say that the snapshot is dead. If judged by sheer quantity, our culture is no doubt taking more photographs than ever before. Robert Jackson collects vintage snapshots, and points out that even though the practice is alive and well, it is not what it once was. Read More >>