Exclusive: Brexit Could Make Cleaning Up Britain’s Nuclear Waste Harder

As Britain tumbles towards the hardest Brexit, the debate is dominated by what the fateful referendum could mean for British business, and jobs - but these aren’t the only weighty matters that we should be thinking about. Read More >>

UK’s Nuclear History Museum Opens Today

The Nuclear and Caithness Archive, also known as Nucleus, has opened for business today, and will be of extreme interest to anyone who's ever spent a sleepless night wondering exactly how nuclear energy works and what part the UK played in its development. Read More >>

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Could We Survive a Nuclear Winter?

Here’s the short answer: we probably could not survive a nuclear winter. But the long answer depends on which countries are going to war, how many nukes are being dropped, and where those bombs are being detonated. Read More >>

Hinkley Point C is 100 Per Cent GO

We're definitely going to get a new nuclear power station, despite what some people say about wind turbines and solar panels maybe being enough to keep the smartbulbs of the future on and connected to the Wi-Fi. The government has stamped through the final approvals needed to get the French and the Chinese in to show us how it's done and build Hinkley Point C. Read More >>

North Korea May Have Just Tested its Biggest Nuke Yet

According to the US Geological Survey, a 5.3 magnitude “explosion” has been detected in North Korea near the country’s only known nuclear test site. North Korea has claimed to have tested nuclear weapons after similar seismic activity in recent years, but none as large as this event. Read More >>

Let’s Pretend We Want Hinkley Point C to Avoid Paying Out Billions in Compensation, Says MP

A Labour MP claims to have analysed the small print of the paperwork covering the deal to build Hinkley Point C, suggesting that even if it's now cancelled the UK could be left facing a compensation bill running into many billions of pounds. Read More >>

Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant in Doubt After Shock Government Intervention

Who saw this coming? After Hinkley Point C gained final approval from champagne-popping EDF board members last night -- who were revving up their pen-gines ahead of a planned contract signing today -- nobody expected Theresa May and co to swoop in like harpies and crash the party. Read More >>

Hinkley Point: Do You Agree With Nuclear Power Stations in the UK?

The big thing on Twitter this morning isn’t a celebrity death or mindless violence, but Hinkley Point C, the £18 billion Somerset nuclear plant that’s expected to gain final approval from EDF later today. Read More >>

A British Nuclear Submarine Has Crashed Into a Merchant Vessel

A piece of news that everyone’s secretly slightly thrilled by has just emerged, concerning a heavyweight collision off the coast of Gibraltar. HMS Ambush, a British nuclear-powered submarine, managed to hit a merchant vessel while submerged at around 13.30 local time on Tuesday. Read More >>

MPs Vote to Renew Trident Nuclear Deterrent Submarine Weapon Fleet

With the Doomsday Clock still sat at three minutes to midnight, there was an air of inevitability to yesterday's vote on the future of the UK's Trident nuclear deterrent weapons system. And now it's set in stone – MPs voted in favour of renewing the submarine programme by 472 votes to 117. Read More >>

The US’ Nuclear Arsenal is Powered by a 1970s IBM and Floppy Disks

In a news release talking about how it plans to tackle the problem of ageing computer systems, the US government auditor has struck terror into the world in a new and exciting way -- by revealing its nuclear weapons are controlled by 1970s IBM computers that boot code from 8-inch floppy disks. Read More >>

China’s Planning to Build Floating Nuclear Power Stations

Finding a site to build a nuclear power plant isn’t straightforward—so why not send them out to sea? That’s what China is apparently planning to do. Read More >>

Russian Scientists Plan Nuclear Asteroid Cleanup, Just in Case

Russian scientists have decided that the threat of being wiped out by an asteroid strike is real enough to start taking affirmative action, with a research team suggesting we start nuking the things before they can smash into a variety of famous US landmarks. Read More >>

Watch North Korea Destroy the South in This State-Sponsored Special Effects Blockbuster

We've all imagined destroying entire nations after being made to watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory at the house of someone who erroneously insists it's good, but most of us lack the budget, resources and self-destructive streak to actually attempt it for real. North Korea also lacks the skills and balls to launch a war on its enemies (at time of writing), but it's done the next best thing -- created a CG advert of it happening as some sort of vague online threat. Read More >>

Trident to Receive Expensive (and Potentially Unnecessary) Software Update

It’s all been pretty quiet on the Trident front since that February rally, which saw a tie-less Jeremy Corbyn and other opposers take to the streets of London. However, it’s now emerged that the MoD plans to splash the cash to protect its 58 Trident II missiles from pesky hackers. Read More >>