The Reason Trains Have Angled Wheels Is Incredibly Clever

The next time a subway car or commuter train rolls into the station, try to sneak a quick peek at its large metal wheels. You’ll notice that instead of being perfect cylinders, they’re actually angled. It’s a deliberate and clever design choice that allows your train to roll around corners without flying off the tracks. Read More >>

This Paper Calculator Adds Via a Series of Tubes

Human beings have always created tools for calculating numbers, from the ancient abacus to today’s electronic calculators. But here’s an ingenious calculator drawn on paper—the creation of comic book artist Jason Shiga. And he and the folks at Numberphile have created an explanatory video of how it works. Read More >>

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Why Do Some People Hate Mathematics So Much?

Some people gobble up algebra and calculus like their life depended on it; others would rather poke hot pins into their eyes than solve a simultaneous equation. But why is that? Read More >>

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Here’s How to Win Connect Four Every Time

Connect Four might be a game that triggers childhood flashbacks, but it's not simple stuff. In fact, Numberphile reports that there are more than 4 trillion unique ways to fill a standard board. But there's only one way to guarantee a win every time. Read More >>

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Four Infinity Puzzles to Melt Your Monday Evening Mind

It's Monday evening and one day in the work week ahead seems infinite. It's not though, and you should be glad because infinity isn't just long, it's also confusing. Take for instance this quartet of infinite paradoxes that will blow your groggy mind. Read More >>

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Inside the Weird Mathematical Mystery of “0!”

When you're a kid, you learn that you can't divide by zero. But the more you learn, the more you find out there are some interesting nuances around the edges of that rule. Likewise you may remember learning that 0! (zero factorial) is 1. "It just is." But why is it? Numberphile explains. Read More >>