Nutella’s Going Foodie in 2020

2020 is the year Nutella attempts to go posh, as the brand's owner is preparing to release a version of everyone's secret favourite sandwich filling with double the cocoa content, so all the cool Instagram people will eat it out of the jar with a spoon because they're mad like that. Read More >>

Deliveroo Is Doing Nutella Kebabs For World Nutella Day

Who knew there was a World Nutella Day? Presumably Nutella, but we're not sure anyone else did. Read More >>

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Stop Saying That Nutella Causes Cancer

If you were on social media yesterday, you probably noticed that Nutella has joined the long list of good things that supposedly cause cancer, like alcohol, red meat and maybe coffee. Trouble is, scientists never said that Nutella causes cancer. Read More >>

Bathing in 600 Pounds of Nutella is Either Delicious or Disgusting

Deep down you know it’s not much better than eating chocolate frosting right from the container, but somehow you’re able to justify doing it with Nutella. Unless you’re YouTuber CemreCandar who filled his entire tub with 600 pounds of Nutella before immersing himself in the chocolate hazelnut bath. Read More >>

An Android SVP Seems to be Trolling us All With Incessant Nutella Teases

Neatly highlighting just how dull and predictable the world of consumer electronics has become, the debate over the name of the next version of Android continues to rage on, with Nutella appearing to be the people’s choice. Read More >>

The Krispy Kreme Nutella Doughnut Lands May 27th, But You Can Scoff it Up Early

How has this only just become a thing? The poor, sugar-coated, jam-pumped people over at Krispy Kreme have pseudo-leaked the Nutty Chocolatta, a new doughnut creation that's packed with lovely, oozy Nutella. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Read More >>

Here’s How to Vote For Your Favourite Android N Name

Nougat? Nutella? Nectar? Nerds? Neapolitan? Nut roll? Google is quietly asking Android users to vote for what they think Android N should be called. Here’s how to get your suggestion in: Read More >>

What Would YOU Name Android N?

We’re all familiar with Google’s practice of zipping through the alphabet and naming its Android operating systems after sugary treats. It’s a satisfyingly simple system, and one that invites plenty of speculation. Read More >>

Out of Thermal Paste for Your PC? Just Use Nutella

If you've ever gone elbow-deep inside your computer to do some tweaking, you know all about the joys(?) of meticulously applying thermal paste or grease. Even if you're a pro at applying the goop, there's a trick that you probably don't know about: You can just use Nutella instead. Seriously. Read More >>

If You Want to Survive in Deep Space, Nutella Is the Answer

If you're sending astronauts into deep space, or on towards Mars, food is going to be pretty important. Not only has it got to keep them alive, but it's also got to keep them sane, as eating porridge three times a day for a year is enough to drive anyone potty. Apparently Nutella is the secret weapon. Read More >>