The Walnut-less Walnut Whip is 2017’s Latest Food Catastrophe

There's a new food thing to be angry about, and this one attacks old people favourite the Walnut Whip. Due to a perfect storm combination of higher walnut prices, exchange rate fluctuations, poor harvests and increasing levels of nut allergies in the developed world, there's now a version of it WITHOUT THE WALNUT. Read More >>

strangely poignant
Dude Getting Hit in the Balls With Guillotined Spray Paint Is Strangely Poignant

Watching an unsuspecting victim get nailed in the nuts by a paint chopped in half by a guillotine is everything you could possibly want in a YouTube video — dramatics, destruction, pain, humour born out of sadness, the element of surprise. Read More >>

Eating a Handful of Nuts Each Day Could Help You Live Longer

A sweeping analysis of current research shows that people who eat at least 20 grams of nuts each day are less likely to develop potentially fatal conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Read More >>

It’s Going to Be a Bad Year for Pistachios

Eat them while you can, people. Pistachios are about to become a whole lot less available as world stocks get hit by droughts in the US and Iran. Read More >>

Peanut Allergy? Dry Roasted is Worse Than Raw

Food killjoys have discovered that high temperatures used in the roasting process trigger chemical changes in peanuts that may make us less tolerant of the proteins inside, meaning the cooked options are more likely to trigger allergic reactions. Read More >>

Lads’ Mag Tells Co-Op to Go Shove It Over Censorship and Ban Threats

Lads' mag Nuts will no longer be there to brighten up the shelves of the Co-op for bored male shoppers, after the publisher decided to pull the title off the shelves rather than face any potential ban or order to cover up. Read More >>

Loaded Publisher: Put Crap Food in Modesty Bags to Protect Kids

The publisher of Loaded magazine, one of the lads' mags threatened with the boot by supermarket chain Co-op, has come up with a superb response to the suggestion magazines be censored to protect our children; take it one step further and hide sweets, crisps, cakes and chocolate from them inside blank wrappers as well. Makes sense. Read More >>

Are You Offended By Scantily-Clad Girls on the Covers of Mags?

The Co-operative has caused a right storm over lads' mags, and whether they should be stashed in "modesty" bags like porn magazines. The retailer reckons they're offensive, and wants the girls gone from the front covers, or at least covered up, or it'll stop selling the likes of Loaded, Front, Nuts and Zoo by September 9th. But do they really offend you or cause you embarrassment when picking up your Cross-Stitch Monthly and a pint of milk? Read More >>

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Nuts in Space

Sometimes we cover feats of human achievement in space. Other times we cover massive international f*ckups. And then, sometimes, we have the privilege to bring you something like this. Nuts, in space. [YouTube] Read More >>

This is the Weirdest Thing You’ll See All Day

What kind of nut-job came up with this crazy concoction of an infomercial piss-take, I have no idea. But this mind-bending, insane video is apparently an advert for the latest album by a band out of South Africa called Desmond and the Tutus. Read More >>