Nintendo’s Next Console is Called the Switch

After an age of hearing absolutely nothing, Nintendo has started dishing out the details on it's new console. It's called the Switch, and it is, as rumoured, a console/handheld hybrid. Here's a trailer: Read More >>

Nintendo’s NX Might Finally be in Production

Nintendo's next console is a huge mystery, mainly because Nintendo hasn't told us a god damn thing since it was first 'announced' last March. It's supposed to arrive in the first half of next year, and may (or may not) be a console/handheld hybrid. Now it looks like things are kicking off for real. At long bloody last. Read More >>

Nintendo NX is a Home/Portable Hybrid, According to Pokemon Boss

The man behind the Pokemon Company clearly has some inside knowledge about the future of Nintendo, as whatever form the company's NX takes you can bet your life there's going to be Pokemon on it all the time. And Pokemon Company boss Tsunekazu Ishihara has all but confirmed the previous thinking that the NX is indeed one machine that combines home and portable play. Read More >>

Nintendo Patent May Show NX’s Removable Controllers

This image here, taken from a patent filed by Nintendo with the US authorities, appears to confirm the Nintendo NX removable controller rumour we've heard previously, with the paperwork showing a handheld device with, yes, a controller coming away from it. Read More >>

Nintendo NX Rumours, Release Date, Leaks and News: Everything You Need to Know

Nintendo has had a turbulent few years. After the huge success of the Wii, which introduced millions of new players to the joy of video games, its follow up, the Wii U, hasn't performed anywhere near as well. Criticised for lack of games, underpowered hardware and having not really found a use for its chunky tablet controller, despite only hitting shops in late 2012, the console is already on its way out. Even Pokemon Go can't cure its ills. And this is where the Nintendo NX project comes in. Read More >>

The Nintendo NX Will Launch in March 2017

Nintendo has spoken about the NX. Officially and on the record, not via industry rumour. In a financial presentation it says the Nintendo NX machine will appear in March of 2017, all around the world. In shops. To put where the Gamecube used to be. Fact. Read More >>

Alleged Nintendo NX Controller Images Leak, and People Aren’t Impressed

Images of what is or might be the Nintendo NX controller have appeared online, with a pair of shots showing a slimline, oval, shiny thing that looks like a minimalist reworking of the Wii U control slab. Read More >>

Could Switching to Android Save Nintendo’s Console Business?

Rumours out of Japan this morning are suggesting that Nintendo is planning to base its next home console on the Android operating system - rather than doing its own thing. This could be potentially brilliant - and save the company from Sega's fate. Read More >>

Samsung NX1: A 4K Video Chomping, 28-Megapixel Camera in a Compact Body

The new NX1 is the first Samsung interchangeable-lens camera that's truly compelling enough to consider alongside the competition. Its flagship feature? 4K video in a tiny package. But more than just trotting out of a glitzy, buzzy feature, the NX1 is loaded with advanced tech, including an industry-leading image sensor. Read More >>

Leaked Image of Super Tiny Samsung Mirrorless Camera is Kind of Crazy

Some folks at NXRumors have dug up an image of what is purportedly a new mirrorless camera from Samsung. It's incredibly small looking, and selfie-ready! Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy NX Is Loaded: Big Sensor, Lenses, Android UI and LTE

If last year's Samsung Galaxy Camera looked like Dr. Frankenstein had sewn a point-and-shoot camera onto the back of a Galaxy S3, the new Galaxy NX is the opposite. It takes the Android UI 3G/4G/LTE connectivity of a smartphone, and slaps it onto the back of an interchangeable-lens camera. Read More >>