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Dashboard X Brings Live Widgets (and NyanCat) to Your iPhone Homescreen

The much anticipated jailbreak application Dashboard X is now available over on the Cydia store, bringing Android-esque widgets to the main springboard of your iPhone. Read More >>

Play Nyancat On Your Terminal Just Because You Can

My nerd dream came true: 1) Open your Terminal in Mac OS X or Windows or Linux or whatever the hell you are running your toaster on. 2) Type telnet miku.acm.uiuc.edu. 3. Enjoy an endless nyancat loop in glorious ASCII. Read More >>

Not Even Spotify Is Safe From the Nyan Cat

After infiltrating Windows 7; the internet, and of course your eardrums, it appears the poptart-kitteh has snuck its way inside the Spotify progress bar. According to PCWorld, it was added in Spotify's big Facebook update two weeks ago, and thankfully will only hoon across the bar when playing the actual Nyan Cat song. Phew, we're safe then. [@DanSumption via @AndyMalt via @BethSquires] Read More >>