Ofcom is Being Dragged into Another 5G Dispute, This Time Between O2 and Three

Mobile networks just can't seem to play nice when it comes to 5G, complaining over perceived unfairness, while gleefully wallowing in their own pools of privilege. Read More >>

O2 Is Letting Its Customers Order the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Early

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is available on every network it seems - including O2, which is bringing up the rear with its 5G rollout. But you can now order it early. Like right now. Read More >>

O2’s 5G Rollout Will Now Include More Than Four Cities Because That Was Always a Shit Idea

O2 has finally spilled the beans on the date of its 5G rollout, which we now know is coming this October in 20 towns and cities. Read More >>

Vodafone and O2’s New Deal Aims to Get 5G Rolled Out a Lot Faster

Vodafone and O2 have decided to team up to get 5G out to the masses as quickly as possible by sharing some of their infrastructure with one another. Read More >>

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O2 Priority is Relaunching With a Load of Discounts and Freebies to Entertain You This Summer

The free O2 Priority service that offers a bunch of exclusive deals to the mobile network's customers is back with more exclusives, free things, and discounts. Read More >>

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O2 Announces Plans to Stop Treating Customers Like Shit and We Hope Other Networks Follow Suit [UPDATED]

O2 has announced that it'll be splitting off from the herd of other mobile network operators and stop being dicks to its customers. Read More >>

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O2 Launches Apple Watch 4 With Six Month Free Airtime Promotion

O2 is launching the Apple Watch Series 4 today and to mark the occasion, it's offering six months of free air time to new and existing iPhone customers on custom plans. Read More >>

O2 Joins the Ranks of Network Operators That Will Be Offering the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

O2 wants you to know that it will also be offering the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G on its network, joining Vodafone and EE. The service provider is also be the only one in the UK to stock the Samsung Galaxy S10 devices – including the S10, S10+ and S10e – in the new Prism Blue colour. Read More >>

O2 Will Roll Out 5G to “Four Corners of the UK” This Year

The race to 5G is hotting up, and O2 has nailed its colours to the (phone) mast by announcing that it will launch its 5G network in the UK this year. Read More >>

O2 Told to Stop Pre-Filtering and Downscaling Video and Images

Mobile provider O2 has been naughty-stepped by communications regulator Ofcom, which found that the network has been routinely downscaling image and video quality before forwarding it on to meet user requests, going against the provisions of the net neutrality concept. Read More >>

Vodafone And O2 Buddy Up To Make 5G Happen Faster

Mobile networks Vodafone and O2 have announced they'll be extending their existing infrastructure sharing agreement to include 5G, so they can roll it out faster and cheaper. Read More >>

O2 Says its Data Network is Working Again and it May Bung Users Some Free Data as an Apology

O2 has said that its UK 4G network is up and running again after yesterday's universal collapse, so our little glimpse into the horrifying blackouts of the future and the crash of all mobile services is over. No one died, did they? We can find where to go without Google Maps, can't we? Read More >>

O2’s Newest Perk Gives You 40 Per Cent Off Cinema Tickets, if You Sign Up for Right Contract

Going to the cinema is an expensive trip these days, especially if you live in the South and don't have easy access to Vue's absurdly cheap ticket prices. There are plenty of perks out there that can reduce the cost for you, but they generally rely on having to go in pairs or make you jump through a bunch of hoops. Well O2 is offering a new perk called 'Popcorn Pass' for people on certain contracts, and it'll give you 40 per cent off tickets at participating cinemas. Read More >>

O2 is Bringing Michael Bublé to Augmented Reality

There's a long-standing meme on the internet that claims Michael Bublé spends 10 months of the year hibernating, only to emerge around the Christmas period to do his thing. Bublé has actually popped up early this year, just like the Christmas chocolate in my local Tesco. He's partnered with O2 in a move that will bring him into the world of augmented reality. Read More >>

Here Are The Best iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max UK Contract Deals

The day is here: the day that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max can be pre-ordered. If you're lucky and act fast, you'll be able to get your hands on Apple's latest handset next Friday, 21st September, when it officially releases. Read More >>