The New Kindle Oasis is the Best Ereader of All Time, But Is It Worth It?

I’m not terribly fussy about how I read. I used an old Kindle Keyboard until a stray pen in my backpack broke its display, and I’ve long happily used a Paperwhite without so much as considering the fancier Kindles Amazon has released since I got it back in 2013. Hell, half the time I’m just reading on the Kindle smartphone app for a few minutes here and there between glances at my email. So the new Kindle Oasis, the company’s most advanced reading gadget yet, is not designed for me. But goddamn, it’s great. Read More >>

20 Years Later, Liam Gallagher Is Still Fighting The Britpop War – By Himself

Children of the nineties will fondly remember the all-consuming war between fans of rival bands Blur and Oasis. It was the iPhone vs Android of its time: you had to be on one side or the other, there was no admitting to liking both (although many people did, in secret.) Read More >>

Noel Gallagher Reckons Apple Has “Destroyed the Fucking World”

He may have a vested interest in how his music is distributed and portrayed through Apple's iTunes but, that consideration aside, former-Oasis guitarist and singer songwriter Noel Gallagher isn't exactly the first person you'd expect to be a critic of the Cupertino company. But that's just what he's done in an interview with Square Mile, just about falling short of calling Apple the harbingers of the apocalypse.  Read More >>

Oasis Acquiesce, Putting Back Catalogue Up on Spotify and Rdio

Some might say it was definitely maybe going to happen eventually anyway, but having finally acquiesed to the streaming service's requests, the Oasis back catalogue has flown like a cannonball onto Spotify. Read More >>

Facebook Messenger Chat Protocol Chosen as the Future of Things Talking to Each Other

One of the big problems with the whole connected-house thing, where thermostats talk to light swtiches which talk to tea-making robots (if only!), is that there's a lot of communication protocols, and most of them are proprietary. But never fear, a new standard's been agreed on: erm, Faccebook Messenger. Read More >>