Twitter’s Year in Review Confirms 2017 Sucked

Remember when everyone was screaming for 2016 to just end already? Well, it did. And 2017 managed to be even more horrific. Twitter has essentially verified that fact with its end of the year roundup of the most popular tweets, accounts, and hashtags. Appreciate them now, because next year is just going to be worse. Read More >>

FBI Head Says He Has ‘No Information’ to Support Trump’s Bullshit Wiretapping Claim

Appearing before the House Select Committee on Intelligence today, FBI director James Comey couldn’t offer a shred of evidence to support Donald Trump’s outlandish and totally unsubstantiated claim that former President Obama wiretapped his phones at Trump Tower during the election. Read More >>

Obama Calls Out Facebook’s Fake News Problem

After a fake story once again made the rounds on Facebook over the weekend, Barack Obama today name-checked the social network while talking about the spread of lies this election season. Read More >>

Obama May Unleash Cyberwar On Russia After Election: Report

On Sunday, the New York Times published a seemingly routine report about Obama’s cyber offensive strategy. Hiding halfway down the page, however, there are some fascinating details about the decision-making process behind a potential US cyber retaliation against Russia. Read More >>

Obama Wants to Push America’s Power Grid Into The 21st Century

President Barack Obama has been pushing for more alternative energy initiatives during his time in the White House. He pledged to spend more on renewable energy research, attempted to get states to reduce carbon emissions, and even teamed up with perfect head of hair and Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau to curb greenhouse gas pollution. Thanks, Obama. Read More >>

That Photo of Obama Pointing at a Naked Portrait of Trump is Totally Fake (NSFW)

There’s a photo currently swirling around the great big toilet bowl of social media that supposedly shows President Obama in Cuba pointing and smiling at an illustration of a naked Donald Trump. An illustration of Donald Trump sporting a micropenis, no less. But it’s completely fake. Read More >>

Obama Just Made His Dumbest Comments on Encryption Yet 

President Obama celebrated attending SXSW this year by doing the most SXSW thing ever: an interminable and substance-lite keynote discussion. Obama talked with Texas Tribune editor-in-chief Evan Smith about the current encryption debate—but admitted his stance boils down to “I’m not a technical expert, but let’s not be absolutists about this whole ‘backdoor key’ thing.” Read More >>

Obama Pledges to Double Spending on Renewable Energy Research By 2020

President Obama will be sending his budget to Congress this week, and in it, he’s announced that it will double the investment in research for clean and renewable energy sources. Read More >>

Apple and Google Beg Obama to Reject Encryption Backdoors

A collection of tech giants — including companies such as Apple and Google, along with noted cryptologists — have sent Barack Obama a letter urging him to reject US government proposals to include backdoors in encrypted communication systems. Read More >>

Hang on a Second, Obama Has a Fitbit Surge?

Maybe Tim Cook lost his address? Of all the public figures sporting shiny new Apple Watches this week, the leader of the free world is not one of them. Our president is a Fitbit guy. Fitbit Surge, to be exact. Read More >>

Russian Hackers Read Obama’s Emails During White House Security Breach

Last October, some of US president Barack Obama’s emails were leaked to Russian hackers during a White House computer system breach, although no classified networks appear to have been accessed, the New York Times reports. Read More >>

Obama: If You Cyberattack the US, We’ll Sanction You 

President Obama has a message for foreign hackers: You’re grounded. The US president declared a national emergency and signed an executive order today allowing targeted sanctions on anyone who is deemed a cyberthreat to the United States. Read More >>

Obama Can Mass-Text Message Everyone in the US at Any Time

The President of the United States can mass-message his entire phone-carrying nation at the same time whenever he deems it necessary, a Wall Street Journal video has reminded us. Read More >>