Stoke-on-Trent Attempting to Curb Obesity with Motivational Text Messages

The UK's number of obese people is on the rise, and is set to cause quite a strain on the NHS if something isn't done to prevent it. Taking a slightly-unorthodox (if forward-thinking) approach is Stoke-on-Trent council. It is hoping the power of the text message will get people up, out and exercising. Read More >>

Do You Think Obese People Should Pay More for Plane Tickets?

News from Norway, and a batty/genius professor has vocalised the thoughts of anyone who's ever been stuck in economy next to someone a bit on the heavy side: maybe fat people should pay more for their plane tickets. It might sound unfair/unlikely to ever happen under the EU, but hey, it's being proposed by someone with a Ph.D, so let's take a moment to consider the merits. Read More >>