Grant Imahara, Mythbusters Host and Star Wars Roboticist, Dies at 49

Grant Imahara, cohost of the wildly popular TV show Mythbusters, died on Monday at the age of 49, according to a report from the Hollywood Reporter. The cause of death was reportedly a sudden brain aneurysm. Read More >>

Creator Behind Famed ‘Double Rainbow’ Meme, Paul Vasquez, Dies at Age 57

Paul Vasquez, the colourful character behind the viral “double rainbow” video, has died. Read More >>

Rob Garrison, the Man Who Said Karate Kid’s Best Line, Has Died

We’re fans of Karate Kid and its surprisingly interesting YouTube revival around these parts, so it’s particularly saddening to report that Rob Garrison, who played a role in the original Karate Kid and also returned for a short arc on Cobra Kai, has died. Read More >>

stephen hawking
Stephen Hawking Was Right to Worry About Our Impending Doom

Physicist Stephen Hawking died yesterday at the age of 76. In the latter stages of his illustrious career, Hawking devoted a considerable amount of time and effort to issuing warnings of future threats—from the perils of climate change and nuclear war through to artificial superintelligence and alien invasions. And for this he was often ridiculed. But here’s the thing: Hawking was right—and it would be incumbent upon all of us to heed his advice. Read More >>

RIP Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, The Sixth Man To Walk On The Moon

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, passed away on February 4th, on the eve of the 45th anniversary of his mission to the moon. The Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 14, he was the 6th astronaut to step foot on the moon. He was 85. Read More >>

Artificial Intelligence Pioneer Marvin Minsky Dies at 88

Marvin Minsky is arguably not as well known as some of the early computer or internet pioneers, but artificial intelligence—a concept he worked to make real—has undoubtedly influence the way we all live our lives. Read More >>

RIP David Bowie, The Man Who Changed Science Fiction

David Bowie, who has died of cancer aged 69, had an incalculable impact on pop culture throughout his shape-shifting career. But perhaps more than any other musician, he also had a tremendous impact on science fiction. He changed the way we thought about the alien, the uncanny, and the familiar. Read More >>

BBC Hospitalises Queen in “Obituary Rehearsal” Tweet Accident

A BBC reporter kicked off a minor internet news storm this morning, after tweeting something suggesting that the Queen had died or at least been hospitalised. It was nothing of the sort, so you may continue being ruled over as normal. Read More >>

Bill Moggridge, Inventor of the First Laptop, Has Died

Bill Moggridge, a British designer who created the very first clamshell-style laptop, has died age 69. The Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum has announced that Moggridge, its director, died on Saturday from cancer. Read More >>

Dennis Ritchie, Co-Creator of Unix and Founder of C, Has Died

In less than a week, the world has lost two tech pioneers. Last week, we mourned the passing of Steve Jobs, and now we say goodbye to computer scientist Dennis Ritchie who also recently died. Read More >>

steve jobs
Steve Jobs Is Dead

Steve Jobs is dead. The Apple chairman and former CEO who made personal computers, smartphones, tablets, and digital animation mass-market products passed away today. We're going to miss him. Deeply, and personally. Read More >>

Wilson Greatbatch, The Man Who Accidentally Invented The Pacemaker, Has Died

Wilson Greatbatch has died at the age of 92. He was a lifelong inventor. And like many inventors, his most notable creation, the implantable cardiac pacemaker, was discovered accidentally. Read More >>