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Totally Silly Animation Brings Random Objects to Life By Drawing Cute Faces on Them

Here’s a dopey animation from Sean Charmatz that imagines a world where every random object has a cute face. That means soup dumplings cling on to the paper when they get picked up, marshmallows enjoy a satisfying dip in hot chocolate, a glass pane closes its eye while getting washed, a Post-It note gets accidentally split apart, and so on. It’s like Sausage Party with cruder animations but less crude jokes. Read More >>

Can You Guess What the Objects in These Closeup Photos Are?

A peeled orange and a red bell pepper. That’s what I thought a pencil and a Coke bottle cap were when I saw them in macro. That’s because when you stare at something from up close, even if it’s something you see every day, you lose your sense of familiarity with it. The dash of colour misleads your brain and the impossible little details trick you into thinking you’re looking at something you’ve never seen before because, well, you actually never have seen it like this before. Read More >>