Apple’s Cupertino Campus Will Have an “Observation Deck” For Fans

If you’ve been to a natural history museum lately, you’re familiar with the glass-walled laboratories where palaeontologists and archaeologists give the public a glimpse of their work. It sounds as though Apple is banking on the same level of interest in its day-to-day operations. Read More >>

Check Out the 148-Storey View from the World’s Highest Observation Deck

As long as architects keep building upwards folks are going to want to check out the view from way up in the air. Well: the Burj Khalifa's new observation deck has been unveiled, which gets visitors a little closer to the heavens on the 148th floor—that's about 555 metres or 1,821 feet. Gulp. Read More >>

15 Heart-Stopping Skywalks That Will Turn Your Legs To Jelly

A few weeks ago, we showed you a terrifying Alpine tourist attraction called "Step Into the Void." It's a glass cage that hangs more than 3,300 feet above the mountains. But the Void is hardly the first heart-stopping skywalk—in fact, these are dozens out there that are just as scary. Read More >>