These Are The Robots That Will Be Doing Your Online Shopping in the Future

Last year we delved inside the surprisingly intelligent world of Ocado's Hatfield warehouse. As we reported, it turns out that when you order your groceries online your shopping isn’t assembled by pushing a trolley around a supermarket - but it is instead prepared by a dizzying array of conveyor belts, lifts and robots, with only the occasional human for support. Read More >>

Ocado Set to Introduce Robot Workers into its Warehouses

The future is here, folks. The robots are going to take over — starting with Ocado's warehouses. Read More >>

Ocado App About to Arrive on Alexa

The bizarre trend for voice controlled home assistants — which hasn't died off at time of writing — is about to receive a boost for adopters in the UK, as posh shopping coordinator Ocado has launched an app for Amazon Alexa. Read More >>

This Autonomous Van Could Soon Be Delivering Your Shopping

Back in February, we took a tour around the futuristic warehouse operated by Ocado - a company that styles itself as a technology company that just happens to sell groceries. It was hugely impressive, as the shuffling of your shopping is almost entirely automated by using a huge network of conveyor belts - and the process is being constantly optimised to squeeze out as much efficiency as possible. Read More >>

Inside Ocado: Discover The Hidden Robotic Intelligence Behind Your Online Shopping

When it comes to future technologies, the place you might assume to look is from the big players that we write about every day: Google, Apple, and Amazon. These are the companies that routinely blow our minds by showing us what the future looks like. Read More >>

Do You Do Your Food Shopping Online?

Following the news that Morrisons is going to start delivering food direct to your door courtesy of Ocado, it begs the question, how many of you actually do your food shopping online? Read More >>

Thirty Quid Off Your Next Ocado Shop Is Your “Oooh, Cut-Price Booze” Deal of the Day

We don’t normally go in for prejudice 'round these parts – we love black men, white women, yellow babies and orange animals with equal measure. But today, a little bit of prejudice is creeping in. If you’re not an O2 customer, this isn’t for you. Read More >>