Inside the Quest to Discover Super-Corals at the Bottom of the Sea

In the inky depths of the Gulf of Mexico, pearly white corals crisscross the seafloor, their translucent tentacles swaying to the current like flower petals on a midnight breeze. Lophelia pertusa brings life to what is often considered a cold, dead wasteland – and now, scientists are now bringing it back to the surface in the hopes that it help can restore dying coral reefs worldwide. Read More >>

Something Strange and Terrible Is Happening to Mussels 

Do you enjoy eating mussels? Cool, same. Would it change your mind, though, if they were dying out due to horrifying macro-environmental trends? Read More >>

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How Global Warming is Dissolving Sea Life (and What We Can do About It)

The last time Earth's oceans were this acidic, a six mile-wide sulphur-rich space rock had just smashed into the Yucatan Peninsula, unleashing a deluge of acid rain that exterminated all sea life in the the top 400 metres of the water column. Now, some 65 million years after the Cretaceous extinction, human activity is threatening to similarly decimate the ocean's ecosystem—this time, from the bottom up. Read More >>