Leaked Images Appear Showing an Updated Oculus Quest

About a month ago, Oculus announced that it was slimming down its VR headset portfolio by dropping support for the Oculus Go in order to focus more on Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S. But now, new photos have emerged depicting a revamped Oculus Quest with potentially a new set of lenses and a launch date that’s not too far away. Read More >>

Oculus Is Dropping the Go to Focus More on the Oculus Quest

After releasing the Quest and the Rift S, Oculus’ cheapest VR headset – the Oculus Go – has been in kind of a weird place. It doesn’t offer the flexibility or features of its more expensive siblings, and it wasn’t getting a lot of support or content either, so today Oculus announced it’s discontinuing the Oculus Go entirely. Read More >>

If Oculus Is Actually Making a Slimmer Quest VR Headset, I Might Buy It

Other than motion sickness, the uncomfortable bulkiness of VR headsets has always stopped me from dropping hundreds of pounds on one. If only they were more like Geordi LaForge’s visor. That’s some fashionable VR design I could get behind. But it seems like Facebook’s Oculus division is trying to change that, according to Bloomberg. Read More >>

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Animated LED Face Mask Reminds Others to Stay Six Feet Away

Being stuck at home for weeks on end has given the world’s hardware hackers some extra time to come up with some truly wonderful creations. Chelsea Klukas, a Product Design Manager at Oculus who’s also known for her experiments merging fashion and tech, has created an LED face mask that could be the most coveted gadget of 2020. Read More >>

You’ll Never Guess Who Has One of the Top Bids on That Rare Nintendo Playstation

An incredibly rare piece of gaming history is up for auction right now and guess who is trying to buy it for their ridiculous-sounding attempt at game conservation? Oculus founder Palmer Luckey tweeted last night that he was the top bidder for an incredibly rare Nintendo Playstation that is currently being auctioned by Heritage Auctions. Read More >>

Oculus Will Now Require Facebook Login to Use Social Features and Collect User Data for Ad Targeting

Owners of pricey Oculus hardware could soon have their data harvested by the company’s owner, Facebook, for use in “more relevant content, including ads,” UploadVR reported on Wednesday. Read More >>

The Most Innovative Gadgets of the Decade

This decade we saw the smartphone move from overpriced gadget to something more necessary than a laptop or desktop. We saw the e-reader settle on a design so perfect it’s barely changed in seven years. We saw games systems that made us rethink how we game and laptops that made us rethink what a good laptop should look like. There were incredible wearables, and remarkable VR systems, and drones so well designed practically anyone can fly them. Below are the most innovative gadgets of the decade – the ones that will continue to matter long after the devices themselves become obsolete. Read More >>

Of Course, Facebook Bought the One Good VR Game

Virtual reality gaming is a thing, but even so, you probably can’t name very many off the top of your head. And if you can, chances are the first one that pops into mind is Beat Saber – the One Good VR Game that any putz can enjoy without upchucking their lunch due to VR-induced motion sickness, or looking like a complete blowhard. So, you know, of course, Facebook was going to put its grubby hands on it. Read More >>


Keeping a brisk pace in its eternal quest to be as headache-inducing as possible, Facebook announced on Monday that it has rebranded as FACEBOOK. Read More >>

Hand Tracking on the Oculus Quest Feels Pretty Magical

The Oculus Rift, Facebook’s cord-free VR headset that starts at just £400, is getting a couple of new features over the next year. I had the opportunity to check out what might be the coolest one: hand tracking. Read More >>

Facebook’s Horizon Is a New VR Social Network Inspired by Spielberg’s Worst Movie

Yesterday at Oculus Connect 6, Facebook’s annual event that does its best to convince the world why VR is still a thing, the company announced Horizon, a giant virtual reality playground where users can build their own worlds, create and play games, or just socialise with friends who are represented by legless animated avatars. Read More >>

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Darth Vader Faces a Four-Armed Rancor in the New Vader Immortal Episode II Trailer

I mean, you also get to wield the Force in VR and that’s pretty cool, but let’s rewind a touch: Four. Armed. Rancor. Read More >>

Oculus’s Cord-Free VR System Is About to Be Hands-Free, Too

The Oculus Quest has been out for a few months, and while Mark Zuckerberg told the crowd at Oculus Connect 6 that Facebook is selling its standalone VR headset as fast as the company can make them, Facebook is planning to add some major features including hand tracking and PC tethering in two separate future updates. Read More >>

The VR Revolution Is Alive and Well, It’s Just Not Ready For Your Living Room (Yet)

When HTC and Oculus launched their first-gen virtual reality headsets back in the spring of 2016, it felt like the beginning of a revolution. These headsets were immersive and sophisticated, unlike anything the public had seen before and a leap forward from disasters like Nintendo’s cursed Virtual Boy. But when you fast forward three years to now, VR headsets still aren’t commonly found in arcades or schools. Unless you are one of the rare VR evangelists, you probably don’t have a VR headset in your home. Read More >>

Facebook and Instagram Can’t Seem to Keep It Together

Well, folks, Facebook and its “family of apps” has experienced yet another crash. Read More >>