A Heart Failure Patient Actually Coughed Up This Blood Clot Shaped Like a Lung Passage

Though it resembles a coral, root system, or some other kind of growth, the above photo actually depicts a six-inch-wide blood clot in the near-perfect form of the right bronchial tree of a human lung, the Atlantic reported on Thursday. Even more uncomfortable is the revelation that it was not removed by medical staff, but in fact coughed up by a patient who was suffering from heart failure. Read More >>

Whoever Stole This Meteorite From a Science Museum Really Should Have Googled It First

Police are searching for the thief, or thieves, responsible for stealing a meteorite from the Science Museum of Virginia in the US last week. In most circumstances, a science museum heist to steal celestial space dust would sound like a plot for the forthcoming Avengers: Infinity War or even Ocean’s Eight. This is not one of those circumstances: Museum officials in Richmond, Virginia say the stolen meteorite is worth only about $1,500. Read More >>

Knobs, Gum, and Japanese Condoms: 11 Insanely Specific Review Blogs

Human beings can cultivate some incredibly bizarre obsessions. The weirdest ones, though, often involve the most mundane things, just fixated on to an astounding degree. Fortunately, the internet is here to give these beautiful weirdos a home to call their very own. Read More >>