Odeon Prepares Luxury Dine-In Cinema for London

Odeon is about to further normalise the abysmal modern trend that is the eating of food in the cinema, with the launch of a "Luxe & Dine" variant in London; a multiplex offering posh seats and a full menu of restaurant-style dishes that go way beyond the putting of cheese on Doritos, to create the ideal combined evening destination when there's a new super-hero film out and you've found a person to go with. Read More >>

Manchester and Birmingham are Also Getting Those Fancy Dolby Cinema Screens

In the age of affordable home cinema systems and simple methods of piracy, how do you get people out of their living rooms and into the cinema? You could argue that making films worth watching is the way to go, but cinemas have always been fond of a good gimmick. Whether it's IMAX, 3D, 4D, or cutting the price of tickets to basically nothing, all the big chains are trying new things to park bums in chairs - while hoping to flog a few buckets of popcorn in the process. Read More >>

Newcastle Odeon Refuses To Go Down Without A Fight

Newcastle's Pilgrim Street Odeon has taken its final curtain call – and went out in true dramatic style by collapsing into the road. Read More >>

Odeon’s Online Booking Is Your Orange Wednesdays Deal of the Day

If you’re an Orange customer (the phone network not the skin tone) you might well be an avid fan of their Orange Wednesdays scheme, which allows you to get two cinema tickets for the price of one. Read More >>

Odeon Cinemas Now Using Apple’s Passbook App for Discount Ticket Sales

Apple's Passbook feature has found itself a couple of big new corporate fans in the UK, with the Odeon cinema chain and Harvester restaurant franchise adopting the mobile ticketing app. Read More >>