Ofcom Tries to Limit EE and Vodafone’s 4G/5G Aspirations

Modern-day god of the sky Ofcom has released the rules that will cover the next batch of mobile frequency auctions, and it's sort of good and sort of bad depending on which of the mobile networks you wear the scarf of. Read More >>

Phone Boxes are Stealth Advertising Boards Now, Complain Powerless Councils

Councils across the country are battling a new wave of unstoppable advertising banner spaces that masquerade as telephone boxes. Read More >>

Ofcom’s Biggest Ever Fine Goes To BT

Ofcom's fining BT a record £42,000,000 for abusing its market power to reduce the amount of compensation it paid other companies. Read More >>

An Automated Crap ISP Compensation System is on the Drawing Board

Communications regulator Ofcom is looking into the mechanics of an automated refund system that would gives users money back when they suffer crappy service from their ISP, with compensation to be offered when appointments are missed or repairs overshoot deadlines. Read More >>

Google And Microsoft Agree To Demote Pirated Content In The UK

Sorry, pirates: soon your wares will be harder to find on UK search engines. Google and Bing have agreed to a voluntary code of practice that'll see infringing content including films, music and sport pushed down the search results. Read More >>

BT and its Offshoots Top Quarterly Broadband Complaints Chart

The subscribers of BT, Plusnet and EE were the angriest broadband users of the last quarter, as Ofcom data reveals that the three ISPs -- BT and the two also owned by BT -- generated the most complaints. Read More >>

Ofcom Boosts BT Infrastructure Sharing Plans for a Full-Fibre Future

Ofcom has announced a plan to simplify the ways outside networks access BT's lines and equipment, with the hope that it'll lead to more full-fibre connections hooked into the UK's homes and workplaces. Read More >>

Ofcom to Champion Old People With Review of Baffling Landline Price Rises

‘Tis the season to remember that old people exist. Well, now and during elections. Read More >>

Ofcom Orders Openreach to ‘Legally Split’ From BT

Ofcom has decided that BT hasn’t put enough effort into addressing its competition concerns, and has ordered the telecommunications giant to legally split from Openreach. Read More >>

Three Network Wants You to Moan to Ofcom About Spectrum Wins

A group of UK mobile and broadband networks is asking their customers to pressurise Ofcom into making the mobile data spectrum allocations fairer (for them), suggesting that future spectrum caps should be limited to just 30 per cent per operator of available spectrum within each chunk that's sold off. Read More >>

BT and EE Blocked From Buying More 4G Mobile Data Spectrum

Ofcom's about to do that clever thing it does to make money again, selling off something that doesn't really exist for millions of pounds. Clever Ofcom. And this time it's not letting the newly merged BT and EE super network buy any of its newly released mobile spectrum. Read More >>

Vodafone Fined £4.6m for Being Rubbish at Talking on the Telephone

UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has hit Vodafone with a massive fine of £4.6m for having abysmal levels of customer service and also charging customers for items they never received, leaving the network shamefully offering its apologies to the nation. Read More >>

BT and Openreach to Stay Together But Separate

Ofcom has resisted calls to split BT and Openreach completely, instead ruling that it should become a legally separate company within the BT group, with its own board, branding and control over budget allocation. Read More >>

Vodafone May Have Misled Customers Into Paying For Services They Couldn’t Use

Vodafone’s not had a great couple of weeks, with recent reports from Ofcom and Which? identifying it as the UK’s most complained about mobile operator and criticising it for patchy 4G coverage. The company’s jumped out of the frying pan, into the fire... and now straight to the molten depths of Mount Doom. Read More >>

Three Comes Top and Bottom of the Pile For 4G Connectivity

A new report from Which? And OpenSignal shows that, no matter how much Kevin Bacon is thrust at our faces, the UK’s still pretty rubbish with this 4G stuff, with too many consumers being forced onto 3G connections far too frequently. That said, I shouldn’t really be picking on Bacon. That’s because EE provides the best 4G coverage of all the major UK operators, with customers able to access the high-speed network 60.6% of the time. Sorry Bacon. Read More >>