The Jim Henson Company is Making an ‘Office Meets Harry Potter’ Fantasy Comedy With Christoph Waltz

A rudderless young man begins to suspect something’s a little off about the London firm where he’s just landed an entry-level gig – and he’s not wrong. For instance: one of the middle managers is secretly a shape-shifting goblin. That’s the set-up for The Portable Door, a book series set to become a movie with some very cool talent behind it. Read More >>

Microsoft is Considering a Dedicated Office Key for Keyboards – Here’s What It Should Do

Microsoft introduced the Windows key on the Microsoft Natural Keyboard back in 1994, and while sometimes it can be a bit annoying (like when you accidentally hit it while playing games), the Windows key has proven itself useful enough to find its way onto a huge number of third-party keyboards. Read More >>

Facebook’s New Office Looks Like a Tree House Built By an Incompetent Dad

“We’re a culture of builders,” Janelle Gale, Facebook’s VP of Human Resouces, says in a new video promoting the company’s lavish new office in Menlo Park, California. Gale believes that the recently completed piece of architecture accurately reflects the kind of culture that Facebook has built. We agree. Read More >>

Competitive Spreadsheet Design is a Thing, and a British Guy is Second Best in the World at it

Did you know there's something called the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship? And that over half a million people entered? And that we, as a nation, nearly won in the Excel category? Read More >>

Nissan’s Pimped-Up All-Electric Office Van Has Everything But a Toilet

Nissan has unveiled a heavily customised version of its e-NV200 all-electric van, which it’s calling the e-NV200 WORKSPACe. Hailed as the “world’s first all-electric mobile office”, it’s a glitzy work cubicle on wheels, and it’d be nice if our workspace was even half as inviting. Read More >>

How to Disguise Fun Websites at Work

The internet is an interesting place, which makes it all the more tempting to steal a few minutes of catch-up time during regular office hours. Though it can actually make you more productive, not every boss is cool with you wasting precious workday hours browsing the web. Thankfully, we have a few solutions for you. Here’s your guide to staying safe from curious co-workers and patrolling upper management if you need to take a quick glance online. Read More >>

Nissan’s Self-Driving Office Chairs Are Pointless But Brilliant

There’s absolutely no need for them to exist, but we could watch them all day. The clip below shows off a bunch of ludicrously high-tech ‘Intelligent Parking Chairs’, which swivel and glide to your desk when you clap. Built by Okamura, they’re all apparently tracked by a set of four motion-detecting cameras and powered by Wi-Fi-controlled motors, which guide them to their rightful position. Read More >>

Oh No, Harman is Putting Microsoft Office in Your Car

Say goodbye to your relaxing drive to and from work every day. Harman is working with Microsoft to put an end to those few minutes of wasted productivity by bringing parts of Microsoft’s Office suite to your car’s infotainment system. Read More >>

How to Make Your Office Apps Touchscreen-Friendly

If you’re using the Office 2013/2016 desktop apps as your productivity tools of choice, then there’s a little trick you can use to make them easier to operate on touchscreens. If you’re using these applications on a touchscreen monitor or a Windows 10 tablet (like one of the Surfaces), it can improve your efficiency a notch or two. Read More >>

Latest Windows 10 Patch Fixes a Bunch of Security Bugs

It would probably be a good idea to go update your Windows computer: this week's patch, and this month’s round of updates nixes some critical security bugs, including in Internet Explorer (surprise!) and Office. [Krebs on Security] Read More >>

Microsoft Office for iOS Now Supports Apple iCloud

Do you use Microsoft's Office apps on iOS devices? Word, Excel and Powerpoint now come complete with iCloud integration on iPhone and iPad. [Microsoft (App Store)] Read More >>

Microsoft’s Android Tablet Apps Lose Their “Beta” Stabilisers

Microsoft has released new versions of its famed productivity triumvirate, taking the the Android tablet versions of Office, Powerpoint and Excel out of their beta phases and releasing them for all to... enjoy. Read More >>

Would You Work in an Office Where You’re Forbidden From Sitting?

Ever since sitting became the new evil, offices have sprouted all sorts of arrangements we would have once considered bizarre: bouncy balls, standing desks, treadmill desks. But none are perhaps as weird — and uncomfortable! — as the Dutch design studio RAAAF's "The End of Sitting" office, a labyrinth of hard slopes where sitting is expressly forbidden. Read More >>

New Feature for Gmail Broadens Microsoft Office Compatibility

Gmail's new feature means you can now convert attached Microsoft Office files to Google Docs and edit them, all within your inbox. There's also support for 15 lesser-used MS Office filetypes, and increased support for tables and charts and the like. Happy spreadsheeting. [VentureBeat via The Verge] Read More >>