This is One Silly Way to Fix the Biggest Annoyance About Open Offices

Open offices kind of suck. Sure, they might look like a fancy coffee shop, but when it comes to getting work done, free snacks and lots of mid-century modern furniture only go so far. Not having any walls means you hear everything going around you, while not having a dedicated desk means anyone can come and snipe your favourite spot. But perhaps the biggest problem about open offices is not having a convenient outlet to charge your phone, laptop, or any other gadget you might be using. Read More >>

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Man Hilariously Reviews the Annoying Water Machine at His Office

It’s nice to have a job, and it’s nice to work in an office. Yet, as average guy Frank May expresses in a new YouTube video, the workplace comes with frustrations, too. In May’s case, it’s a too-fancy water machine that costs his company £800 a year and does nothing right. Read More >>

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Every Office Should Have Slot Cars Racing Across All the Desks

Think your office is cool and progressive because there’s a ping pong table in the corner? You’ll still be stuck at your soul-sucking cubicle desk most of the day, which is why these engineers created a giant slot car track that races across everyone’s desk, letting you compete while still getting some work done. (Theoretically. Who could resist getting totally distracted?) Read More >>

Apple Plans a Second Spaceship Base (Still on Earth)

Not content with building one massive new thing for its employees to sit around in having endless conversations about what Pantone colour tone really says "Reply All" on an emotional level, Apple has apparently signed a deal to buy a second big round office block thing down the road. Read More >>

The Forgotten Offices That Inspired Apple, Facebook, and Google

Online, Apple, Facebook, and Google are competing to control the future of technology. Offline, they are competing to build the future of corporate architecture: small cities nestled in the Silicon Valley suburbs that are designed by some of the most famous architects alive today. It’s a space race. Literally. Read More >>

Parrot Bebop Drone Gives Us A Right Old Nose Around The Guardian’s Swanky Offices

We're quite nosey here at Giz, and we're finding the best thing about this collective over-share of drone footage we're currently experiencing is the chance to see inside places we wouldn't usually, from Chernobyl ghost towns to tech firms' secret lairs. Read More >>

Inside the 13 Coolest Offices of the Year

Bonkers offices tend to spring up like expensive mushrooms during boom time, especially in the tech world. But it turns out that average companies are investing in great design too – at least according to the shortlist of great offices chosen by the World Festival of Interiors this year. Read More >>

This Giant Wave-Like Super Office Desk Seats 125

When it was time for the NYC ad agency, Barbarian Group, to design a new office, they wanted to do something different. The agency wanted something more open, less inhibiting. So architect Clive Wilkinson built them an "endless table." Read More >>

Here’s How Google Installed a Monorail In Its Australian Offices

Do you ever joke around with your coworkers about how cool it would be to build desks out of old cars or have meetings on a houseboat? Maybe not, but if you work at Google, you might want to start—because they might actually make your weird office dreams a reality. Read More >>

Inside Google Japan’s Lovely, Bizarre, Hair-Covered Offices

Google’s company policy requires that each office reflect some of the local colour of the city around it: Google Zurich has ski gondolas, Google Pittsburgh has steel mill photos, and so on. That policy results in designs that sometimes border on twee (see: Google London's gratuitous Union Jacks), but sometimes, it ends up being brilliant in a campy sort of way. In the case of the company's new Tokyo offices, it’s the latter. Read More >>

The Most Insane Tech Offices in the Heart of London Will Make You Hate Your Slide-Free Workspace

In amongst London's towering sheet glass and crumbling limestone, some of the craziest, whackiest and clearly loonytunes offices are hiding out. Although these look amazing fun, I can't honestly imagine any serious work getting done in a treehouse. And dear god, the slides. Can you imagine the risk assesements? Read More >>

Google’s Offices Have Awesome Secret Rooms Hidden By Swiveling Bookshelves

Google's New York City office has something that every office in the world needs: secret rooms hidden by swiveling bookshelves. If you're not in the know, you wouldn't know it existed. But if you do have Batman access at Google, you can pull the correct book and expose a whole 'nother world. Or something like that. Read More >>

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I Would Actually Live In Skype’s Awesome New London Office

OK, so Microsoft isn't quite Google when it comes to crazy offices, but Skype's new London HQ still looks pretty rad, in an I-would-actually-like-to-live-there kinda way, rather than a place that simply makes you ask, what the hell have they been smoking? Read More >>

Thieves Target Microsoft’s Office… But Only Steal Apple Gear

A report in a local paper covering the Palo Alto area of San Francisco makes embarrassing reading for Microsoft, claiming thieves broke into its campus and stole... five iPads. Read More >>

With This Swing Table in the Office, Work Becomes Play

It's hard to get excited about another drawn-out business meeting. Stiff chairs. A circle of equally bored faces. Maybe your leg falls asleep from all that sitting, and then what? You jiggle it silently in your seat and stumble gracelessly on your way out the door. Read More >>