Everything You Can Do Offline With a Chromebook

When Chrome OS first appeared, it was practically useless without an internet connection. Now, an offline Chromebook is no longer the functionless brick it once was because there are dozens of web apps with offline capabilities. Here’s everything you can do today on Chrome OS without online access. Read More >>

Mighty Dongle is Your Offline Spotify Playlist Buffer

The maker of the Mighty dongle claim it's a wireless, phone-less, app-less way of listening to your Spotify playlists, by combining offline buffering of 48-hours of music with an iPod Shuffle-like device. This means you can leave your precious phone at home (ha ha as if) and still annoy people with audio leakage from your Sia remixes, by simply syncing up to 2GB of offline playlist content to the device via Bluetooth or WiFi. Read More >>

Google’s Just Made Google Translate Your Ultimate Travel Companion

Let's face it, as good as Google Translate is, most of the best features require a data connection, which you probably don't have while travelling. Now an update has given Google Translate the power to save a whole bunch of phrases for offline use. Your pocket translator just got much more useful. Read More >>

Do You Actually Need Word Anymore?

Google Drive now automatically syncs your files for offline editing, breaking the final stronghold of the traditional Office app. So, the time has come to ask the question: Do we really need anything but Google Docs anymore? Read More >>

The BBC Goes Down In Sympathy For O2

It seems O2's not the only one having outage issues of late, the BBC of all places was down last night too, with both the main site and iPlayer being yanked offline. The BBC going down, O2 borked, and the main road from Heathrow into London shut -- looks like we're truly ready for the Olympics. Read More >>

There Is No Offline Anymore

Technology pervades our lives. But while many writers argue that such a phenomenon should see us rebel and take time away from our gadgets to experience some national "real life", Nathan Jurgenson has other ideas. Instead, as he sees it, there is no offline any more. Read More >>

Hackers Say Twitter Got Hacked, Twitter Says it Just Broke

Twitter was down for a big chunk of last night, causing the nation to look up from its telephones, blink and look around the room in a state of distress, then get up to instinctively make a cup of tea. Twitter says it broke, hackers say they hacked it. Who's right? Read More >>

O2 and Be Broadband Join the Pirate Bay Bittorrent Blockade Today

Users who get their internet through the Telefonica pipes we know as O2 and Be Broadband in the UK are the latest victims of the Pirate Bay ban ruling, with the ISPs about to block the Bay today. Read More >>

Virgin Media’s the Quickest On the Draw to Cut Your Pirate Bay Pipe

Blimey, that was quick. Just three days after the court order was laid down against ISPs to block The Pirate Bay, Virgin's already cut the cord and put its users in a Pirate Bay black hole. Read More >>

Offline File Sync Added to Google Docs for Android

Google's added a very useful little feature to its Android Google Docs app, which now includes a drop-down menu that lets users cache files for offline access. You can have them automatically update via Wi-Fi, too, plus there's a new high-res page preview complete with sideways swiping display for those using the app on tablets. [Google Mobile] Read More >>

Wikipedia Blackout Will Screw Us All Over a Crummy US Law

Wikipedia’s going to join the blackout that’s been proposed for Wednesday this week in the US, as a protest to its much complained about Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA). Unfortunately that means the rest of the world gets screwed-over too, in something that frankly doesn’t affect us Brits. Read More >>