Wind Power in CRISIS as David Cameron Plans Attack on “Unsightly” Onshore Turbines

The modern electric windmill industry might be about to suffer an enormous setback, thanks to rumours that our PM is about to go public with a dislike of "unsightly" wind farms and could fight the 2015 election on a promise to rid the country of the menace of the turbines altogether. Read More >>

Ireland Wants to Close Super-Corporation Tax Loophole, as Exploited by Apple

Apple's tax affairs might be about to get a little more complicated, thanks to the Irish government attempting to shut one of the more common tax avoidance schemes used by wealthy companies. Read More >>

Apple is the Tax-Avoiding Bad Boy of America, Thanks to “Complex Web” of Offshore Accounts

While we're angry about Amazon, Starbucks, Google and more for appearing to dodge their UK tax responsibilities, US tax authorities have themselves an even bigger target, with Apple branded one of "America's largest tax avoiders." Read More >>

eBay Joins Growing List of Shamed UK Tech Tax Dodgers

Auction site eBay has joined the likes of Facebook, Vodafone and Apple on the list of dodgy tax avoiders, with reports claiming the retailer paid just £1.2m of tax on its massive £800m of UK sales. Read More >>