Oil on Japanese Beaches Linked to Last Month’s Sanchi Tanker Spill

As feared, oil from a sunken Iranian tanker has reached the shores of over a dozen southern Japanese islands, Japanese Coast Guard officials have now confirmed to Reuters and AFP. Read More >>

Sunken Tanker Spawns Four Giant Oil Spills in East China Sea

It’s been four days since the Sanchi Iranian oil tanker sank in the East China Sea, and officials are carefully monitoring the ensuing spill, which has now spread into four distinct slicks. The toxic spill now encompasses an area 40 square miles in size, threatening local marine wildlife and the coasts of Japan and South Korea. Read More >>

Spills From Fracking Are Worse Than We Imagined

An alarming new study has identified 6,600 chemical spills related to hydraulic fracturing in just four US states over a ten year period. The finding shows that fracking is far messier than previously assumed, and that stricter safety measures need to be established and enforced. Read More >>

25 Years After Exxon Valdez, the US Still Isn’t Ready for the Next Big Spill

A quarter of a century ago, after the Exxon Valdez's captain downed one too many drinks and left a third mate in charge, the oil tanker struck a reef and bled 41.6 million litres of oil across 1,300 miles of Alaska's coastline. But the catastrophic oil spills have continued in the US—and they're still not prepared to handle them. Read More >>