Greenpeace Boxes in BP’s London HQ

A few of the angriest and most active of the Greenpeace activists are currently encased in shipping containers in central London like little David Blaine tribute acts, as the environmental protesters turn their fury on BP for all that potentially troubling stuff it does with oil. Read More >>

Frack Quakes Take Lancashire Site Offline After Only a Week

Lancashire's potential as a fracking world leader has been called into doubt, as miniature earthquakes have pulled the site offline only a week after the controversial gas extraction operations were restarted after governmental approval. Read More >>

Scientists Want Surrey’s Oil to Stay in the Ground Over Micro-Earthquake Threat

A group of scientists have written a Very Serious Letter to The Times, warning that some towns in Surrey may continue to be gradually shaken by minor earthquakes unless the practice of extracting oil in the area is halted. Read More >>

Venezuela and Russia Move Forward With Laughable Dive Into the Dirty Business of Cryptocurrencies

Venezuela and Russia both have economies that are heavily dependent on the price of oil. Both countries are dealing with economic sanctions imposed by the United States. And in the past few days, both countries began moving forward with an official state cryptocurrency. Neither offering sounds like it should be taken seriously. Read More >>

Man Jailed for Massively Faking CV

A man's been jailed for one entire calendar year for faking qualifications on his CV, and although lots of people are tempted to massage their qualifications a little bit, he really, really went for it. Read More >>

Life As We Know Could Have Come From Algae on Steroids

What was life really like here on planet Earth before animals were big enough to leave fossils behind? How did living things turn from dinky capsules of genetic material into the intelligent, complex organisms that do things like fart and type curse words into posts on the internet? Scientists think they’ve found the answer... in algae steroids. Read More >>

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These Artists Use Oil, Paint, and Soap to Create Tiny Alien Galaxies

Scientists trying to unlock the secrets of our universe’s origin need to look no further than the photography studio of Thomas Blanchard and Oilhack. By mixing nothing more than paints, oil, and soap, the artists manage to create colourful miniature universes full of strange, tiny alien worlds. Read More >>

We’re Finally Going to Learn How Much Exxon Knew About Climate Change

Exxon Mobile was ordered to turn over 40 years of documents on Wednesday showing the company’s views on and knowledge of climate change. The ruling was made by a Massachusetts judge in an investigation led by the state’s attorney general Maura Healy, who is working to determine how much the company knew about the link between fossil fuels and climate change, and also to determine whether Exxon intentionally hid or suppressed information from the public and investors. Read More >>

Petrol Prices at 18-Month High as Global Cuts Kick in

Visiting family is about to get slightly more depressing per mile, as the price of petrol and diesel in the UK has risen to highs not seen since lots of famous people you liked were still alive. Read More >>

The US Finally Admitted That Fracking Contaminates Drinking Water

A new report by the US Environmental Protection Agency concludes that hydraulic fracturing is capable of contaminating drinking water at virtually every stage in the process. The admission won’t sit well with the Tories or US President-elect Donald Trump, both of whom have vowed to expand the controversial practice. Read More >>

The Glory Days of Cheap Petrol Might be Over

The last year or so has been pretty good for car owners, as the global price war over the cost of a barrel of oil has seen prices per litre hovering at just above the £1 mark -- around a third cheaper than fuel cost seven or eight years ago. Read More >>

Nearly a Trillion Dollars’ Worth of Oil Was Just Discovered in Texas

An estimated 20 billion barrels of oil valued at up to $900 billion (£730bn) has been discovered in a West Texan shale formation, the US Geological Survey announced this week. Three times the size of the Bakken oilfields in North Dakota, it could be the largest such deposit ever assessed in the United States. Read More >>

Biofuels Worse for Global Warming Than Petrol, Say Academics

The Energy Institute at the University of Michigan may have some bad news for any major corporations who've staked their futures on biofuel -- it's production and use could contribute more to global warming through carbon dioxide output than burning up petrol to drop the kids off at their yoga lessons. Read More >>

ExxonMobil Shareholders Vote to Ignore Climate Change Completely

If you try to imagine the most pathetic gathering of humans ever, it would probably look a lot like this group of people who have amassed their fortunes by stripping the Earth of its fossil fuels and are desperately trying to squeeze the last gasp of relevance out of a backwards-thinking, planet-strangling industry. Read More >>

Patents Show That Oil Companies Could Have Lowered Emissions Far Earlier Than Originally Thought

Oil companies have known about the effects of carbon dioxide emissions from cars far longer than many originally thought, according to recently released documents. Read More >>