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Where Movies Get Their Vintage Electronics

Have you ever watched a show like Mad Men and wondered where they found those early Xerox machines? Or where The Americans got their hands on all the Reagan-era IBMs that you thought would be piled in a landfill? Well, there’s a good chance these historically-accurate gadgets came from a massive warehouse in Brooklyn with a specific mission: to preserve some of the world’s oldest, most cherished electronics. Read More >>

Watch a Bunch of Computer Parts Somehow Sing That Gotye Song

I don't know if I'm more sick of this Gotye song or that Call Me Maybe song (though Gangnam Style is quickly catching up to both of them) but this is actually pretty freaking cool: a bunch of old computer parts—hardrives, scanners, etc—combine to sing the song, 'Somebody That I Used to Know' by Gotye. Read More >>

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Sixties Pop Sounds Best When It’s Covered By a Band of Computers

Everyone knows being in a band is cool. But what's cooler is making your own band out of old computer parts and then getting it to play a note-prefect version of The Animals' House Of The Rising Sun. Read More >>