Old People Value Money Less Than The Young, Despite Hoarding It All

Less than 10% of over-60s say they think money is the key to a happy life, which is no doubt vexing to the quarter of young adults who said the same – since the former has all of it. Read More >>

The Last Person Born in the 1800s Died and So Will You

Humans start getting ready to die as soon as they are born. But for some, that process takes a whole lot longer than it does for everyone else. Read More >>

Young People Getting Poorer and Old People Getting Richer, Thanks to David Cameron

The British youth is quickly becoming a ‘new economic underclass’, while older people get wealthier, according to a report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). Not only do youngsters have a poorer chance of securing a job, but those already in work, who saw their pay fall during the economic downturn, are apparently also the least likely to have felt any positive effects since the recovery. Read More >>

This Website Shows You What You Might Look Like in 20(-ish) Years

As (presumably) living, breathing humans, we can't not spend exorbitant amounts of time wondering about the future. Will I have kids? Will I be dead? Will I finally get my goddamn hoverboard? All valid questions! And while Orange's new site, Future Self, might not answer all (or any) of them, it does attempt to at least give you a taste of one, equally desirable bit of knowledge: What you'll look like 20 years from today. Read More >>

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This 100-Year-Old Celebrated Her Birthday By Flying Upside Down

As if living to be a centenarian isn't badass enough, a 100-year-old woman from Suffolk celebrated her birthday by doing a loop-de-loop in a glider. Read More >>

What the Human Body Looks Like at 100 Years Old

Photographer Anastasia Pottinger has a powerful photo series called Centenarians that reveals what the human body looks like at 100 years old. It's a remarkable achievement to live so long and the marks of age are well worn on the oldest people on the planet. Read More >>

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Malfunctioning Cake Ruins Party and Spews Booze All Over Rich People

Sea-raping mega-oil firm Shell has a new rig to launch, and like any enormous company, it decided to celebrate with a private party atop Seattle's Space Needle. The crown jewel? An oil rig-shaped cake which sprays booze! Into your face. Read More >>