Alienware Made the World’s First 55-inch OLED Gaming Monitor, and it Looks Incredible

There are a lot of big and fancy gaming monitors on the market, but Alienware’s newest high-end display is something else. Not only is this thing eye-meltingly gorgeous, Alienware says its new monitor is the first 55-inch OLED gaming monitor in the world. Read More >>

HP Spectre x360 15 Review: A Slick Laptop That’s Nearly Ruined by One Stupid Mistake

The HP Spectre x360 15-inch laptop is a lovely machine. Impeccably designed, powerful enough for most big tasks, and featuring a new 15.6-inch OLED display that will make your eyes weep with joy. Too bad HP put a terrible trackpad on the thing. Read More >>

Hisense Is Bringing Its Budget-Friendly OLED TVs to the UK Next Month

OLED TVs aren't cheap, so when we tell you that Hisense is bringing its 'mid-range' telly to Europe for just £1,599, try not to laugh in our faces. Read More >>

Looks Like OLEDs for iPhones Are Still Really Hard to Make

After last year’s delayed iPhone X release, Apple is trying to snag a few extra screens for its 2018 batch of iPhones. Unfortunately, the company is apparently running into trouble with its OLED display manufacturing partners, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Read More >>

CES 2018: Checking Out LG’s Prototype TVs Was Like Sending My Eyes to Disney World

The CES show floor might be filled with hundreds of TVs that put your local electronics store to shame, but the real treasures of the show, the TVs packed with technology we’ll have to wait for years to buy, are hidden in back rooms away from greasy fingers. Except ours, of course, as we had a chance to treat our eyes to the concepts LG Display brought to CES 2018. Read More >>

LG’s Prototype Displays Are the Future of Staring at TV Screens and Beyond

Every year at CES, LG gives us a look at its craziest ideas for the future of display technology. At a press conference earlier today, the company showed off its refreshed OLED televisions, regarded by many as the best on the market. In a private briefing at the Las Vegas Convention Center, we were shown LG’s bold concepts for the future of displays, which are (unbelievably) getting thinner and brighter. They are among the most lifelike displays I’ve ever seen. Read More >>

LG’s New OLED TV Might Be One of the Thinnest TVs Ever Made

At 2.57mm thick, LG’s new OLED W7 television might be the thinnest giant television ever made. I don’t want to say that. It feels like hyperbole, and over the next few days I have no doubt that a lot of other televisions are going to use similar tech for similar results, but look at that image above. Note how that 65-inch display is actually thinner than that woman’s finger. Now come back and tell me that isn’t incredible. Read More >>

The Next iPhone Will Probably Have a Beautiful, Curved OLED Display

The next iPhone will reportedly have a beautiful OLED display. Sharp executive Tai Jeng-wu essentially confirmed the next iPhone’s hardware upgrade in a recent trip to his alma mater, Tatung University in Taiwan, according to Japan’s Nikkei Asian Review. Read More >>

Apple May Shift to OLED Displays at Last, Says Pixel Expert

One of Apple's display manufacturing partners has said it's unlikely to switch to OLED screen technology on a permanent basis, but may use it for a little while or an iPhone generation or two until the Micro LED system it favours as the future of display tech is ready for the mainstream. Read More >>

OLED Touch Panel References Pop Up in macOS Sierra Files

The numerously rumoured OLED Touch Panel that some are expecting Apple to whack into some future MacBook models has become much more of a likely thing, thanks to files within the macOS Sierra code appearing to reference the device and allowing for its use. Read More >>

New MacBook Concept Shows What That OLED Touch Panel Might Look Like

Weird and unverified rumours from suppliers and people one step higher in the news chain than guesswork artists think that Apple's next generation MacBook Pro may do away with the function key row, binning it in favour of an OLED capacitive touch panel above the main row of keys -- for reasons to do with Apple not being able to come up with any other new ways to make this year's laptops appear new and exciting. Read More >>

Wait a Sec, Foxconn’s Massive Sharp Takeover Has Been Put on Hold

Hold your horses, that massive deal between Foxconn and Sharp doesn’t seem to have gone through yet. According to new reports, the Taiwanese firm is delaying the completion of the takeover, due to fresh information regarding Sharp’s future financial risk. While the Japanese outfit’s annual report flags up ¥17.2 billion (£109 million) in contingent liabilities -- costs it may face in the future, depending on lawsuits, contracts and other variables -- the figure may in fact lie at the ¥350 billion (£2.2 billion) mark. Read More >>

ces 2016
Go and Sell Your Kidneys, Dell Has a 4K 30-Inch OLED Display

2016 might be the year of VR headsets and all, but some people still enjoy looking at regular screens. And the 30-inch, pro-level 4K OLED display Dell just announced looks like one hell of an upgrade. Read More >>

ces 2016
LG’s New 4K OLED TVs Are Just Four Credit Cards Thick

That silly sci-fi dream of invisible screens that magically display graphics is inching towards reality. Thanks to LG, the world can now lust after a television that looks like it’s nothing more than a pane of translucent glass—and a very thin pane of glass at that. Read More >>

ces 2016
LG Rolls Out Its Flexible 18-Inch OLED Display for CES 2016

The future-phone that you can roll up and pop into your back pocket creeps a little closer to reality as the annual gadget show bonanza, CES 2016, kicks off in Las Vegas this week. LG has landed an early hit with an 18-inch prototype flexible screen that can be rolled up as tightly as a newspaper. Read More >>