Your Sense of Smell Is Not as Terrible as You Think

Watch a dog sniff its way around town, smelling grass, fire hydrants and bums along the way. You might think “wow, I’ll never be able to do that.” But why not? Have you even tried? Read More >>

dog piss
We May Soon Have a Colour Wheel for Smell

Whenever you say a colour name, you’re referring to specific properties of light waves. Sounds work the same way, but with properties of compression waves. But what about smell? With all of the different scented chemicals out there and their complex interactions, it’s been impossible to create a simple scale to describe the odours or noses detect. Read More >>

Watch This Moth Drive a Scent-Controlled Robot Car Because Anything Is Possible in 2017

We’re living in a brave new future here folks, and that means that moths can now drive tiny robot cars that are controlled by their own sense of smell. Read More >>