Servicing a Classic Omega Watch is Like Watching Mechanical Brain Surgery

Smartwatches might finally be outselling traditional mechanical Swiss watches, but that doesn’t mean Swiss watchmakers are going away anytime soon. Read More >>

The Watch That Walked on the Moon Gets an Anniversary Upgrade

Believe it or not not, the watch that Buzz Aldrin wore as he took those first steps on the moon wasn't some custom contraption engineered by NASA to endure the vacuum of space. It was an Omega Speedmaster Chronograph, and 45 years later the watchmaker has released a commemorative follow-up called the Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11—now made from space-age titanium. Read More >>

The Inside Story of How Olympic Timekeeping is So Amazingly Precise

Three one-thousands of a second is less than 1/10 of a blink, less than 1/100 of a heartbeat. But if you're a speed skater, 0.003 seconds can be the difference between gold and silver. So how are Olympics timekeepers able to get such ridiculous precision and accuracy? For insight, we talked to Omega's Peter Hürzeler, head of Olympic timekeeping. Read More >>

If Magneto Were Shopping For a Watch, He’d Buy This Omega

This past January at SIHH, Omega announced that it had created the world's first anti-magnetic watch movement that's resistant to magnetic fields up to 15,000 Gauss. Previously both Rolex and IWC were the only other watch manufacturers with anti-magnetic time pieces. But Omega's new Seamaster Aqua Terra (calibre 8508) is 15x more resistant than either one with a movement that's mostly made up of non-ferrous metals, as opposed to encasing the movement in an iron cage. Read More >>

Omega’s New Anti-Magnetic Watch Doesn’t Need a Faraday Cage—It Is a Faraday Cage

The delicate inner workings of a mechanical watch handle magnetic fields—especially those generated the industrial electromagnets used in hospitals and power stations— about as well as two litres of Diet Coke handles a tube of Mentos. That is, not well. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom’s Gets Hacked By ‘Real Pirates’ Too

Not only did Kim Dotcom's Megaupload reboot get its domain name seized, it seems 'real pirates' have taken offence to Dotcom, and have hacked his domain to redirect to a group calling themselves 'Omega'. What's more, they want to sell it to Dotcom's adversaries -- looks like ol'Kimmy's got a war on his hands. Read More >>

How Humans Kept Time At the Olympics Before Machines Did All the Work

In 2009, Usain Bolt "shattered" Tyson Gay's world record in the 100-metre dash by a whopping .11 seconds. How do we know that? Because an ultra-precise, automated timekeeping machine told us so. It didn't used to be that way, however. Read More >>

If You Want to Be James Bond You’ll Need 007’s Awesome New Watch

007's 23rd outing, Skyfall, will mark the seventh time Bond has turned to Omega for all his timekeeping needs, and to celebrate, Omega's busted out a fancy new limited edition Bond watch that you can own for yourself. Read More >>