Zika Virus Kills Brain Cancer Cells in Mice

The Zika virus played the role of 2016's worst health story. At the centre of that story was the virus’ heartbreaking link to microcephalic babies when it infected their pregnant mothers. But sometimes, the worst vectors can still be used for good. Read More >>

Two-Thirds of All Cancer Mutations Are ‘Unavoidable,’ Scientists Claim

In a study that’s bound to attract considerable controversy, a pair of researchers are claiming that between 60 and 66 per cent of all cancer-causing mutations are the result of random DNA copying errors, making them essentially unavoidable. The new research is offering important insights into how cancer emerges, and how it should be diagnosed and treated—but many questions remain. Read More >>

Finding, Treating, and Beating the Most Survivable Forms of Cancer

If caught soon enough many of cancer's 200 iterations offer better-than-even survival rates, as far as five years down the line from diagnosis. It's by no means a clean bill of health, mind you, but there several forms of cancer that modern science has beaten back. Read More >>