The Red HTC One Is Real, Probably

It looks like HTC took a look at these awesome colourful renders from the other week, and decided it would be a great idea to spice up the One with a splash of red. It's not quite as bright as the concept renders, but at least this one is real -- well, if retailer Handtec can be believed, anyway. Read More >>

HTC One Teardown: Even Harder to Fix Than the iPhone

The HTC One is hands-down the most beautiful Android phone we've ever seen, so it should come as no surprise that it doesn't come apart nicely. The folks over at iFixit gave it a shot and had One hell of a time getting the guts out so you won't have to. And you shouldn't try; it's a nightmare. Read More >>

Google Has Killed Android (the Brand)

There are days where a trend you noticed becomes absolutely visible. Today is one of those days. Read More >>

HTC One vs. Everyone Else: How Does It Stack Up? (Updated)

Finally here and with the highly touted UltraPixel* camera in tow, HTC's newest flagship phone is ready to hold its own. Well, on paper, at least. But how does it compare to everyone else's flagship? Read More >>

HTC One M7
HTC’s M7 “Ultrapixel” Flagship Phone Is Simply Called the HTC One (Apparently)

The incoming HTC flagship phone, rumoured to be pretty special and codenamed the M7, is apparently just going to be called the HTC One, according to the often-on-the-money @EvLeaks. Not to be confused with the One X, One S, One V, or any other of the 'One' series, mind you. Let's hope HTC knows what it's doing. We'll find out on February 19th. [EvLeaks via TechCrunch] Read More >>

This Is Not the Cockpit of a Secret TIE Fighter

I was going through a whole lot of awesome cockpit photos yesterday when I stumbled upon this image, the most impressive of them all. It looked more like the interior of a secret Imperial fighter from Star Wars than a machine made on Earth. Read More >>

Leaked Press Shot Shows HTC’s One X Quad-Core Monster Is Right Around the Corner

HTC’s reportedly got a trio of new phones on the way for MWC next week named the “One” series. A press shot of the biggest of them all, the 4.7-inch 720p HD-screened beast, the One X, has slipped out and you can tell it’s an HTC. Read More >>