Microsoft Says Xbox One OneGuide WILL Support YouView Boxes

The June Xbox One update brings with it the long-awaited OneGuide TV integration feature to the UK, letting you bark channel-changing commands at the Kinect like the slob you are, without even needing to reach for your TV remote. Read More >>

Xbox One June Update Lands With OneGuide and External Storage in Tow

The Xbox One gets its biggest update since launching today, with the June software tweaks beginning to roll out to users. It brings a tonne of long-awaited features to the console, bringing it closer to Microsoft's initial vision. Read More >>

Xbox One’s UK OneGuide Will Renew Your Faith in Kinect

"Xbox, go to BBC One", and BOOM! Bargain Hunt is on your telly. Why can't all TV guides be this simple? Read More >>

The Xbox One is Turning Your Phone Into the Only Remote You Need

The Xbox One's TV-controlling powers are a great feature; having a list of just the channels you watch is how all TV surfing should be. But if you use a set-top box, you probably also have a DVR, and the Xbox One has been useless at controlling it. Until now. Read More >>