OnePlus X is a Low-Cost Phone That’s Shockingly Good-Looking

I’m a big fan of cheap phones. I’ve tried the Moto G, Nexus 5, and OnePlus One, and have loved them all. I’m completely convinced that a great smartphone and an expensive smartphone are not mutually exclusive. The new £199 OnePlus X is proof. Read More >>

OnePlus Has Another Phone, And it’s Not Called the OnePlus 3

Just as OnePlus finally delivered the long-awaited (and long-rumoured) OnePlus 2, the Chinese company’s co-founder Carl Pei let details slip on the OnePlus’ next smartphone. Strange thing? It’s coming this year, too. Read More >>

It’s About Time! OnePlus One is Now Available for Everyone 

When the OnePlus One came out last year, it was a killer deal: a £229 off-contract Android that was so beautiful, it made Google look bad for charging so much for the Nexus. The only problem was that, aside from special promotions, you needed to be invited to buy it. But that exclusivity is now over: Starting today, anyone can buy a OnePlus One, invites be damned. Read More >>

We All Get Another Chance To Buy The OnePlus One Without An Invite Tonight

The OnePlus One is very nearly the perfect smartphone, apart from how you buy it. Although it's been out in the wild for almost a year, you still can't just buy one; well, normally – you need an invite. But for a couple hours this evening, you won't. Read More >>

OnePlus One is Back On Sale, No Invite Needed

Miss out on the last OnePlus One "no invite" sale? Both the £229 16GB Silk White edition and the £269 64GB Sandstone Black model are currently back on sale to anyone that's interested. [OnePlus] Read More >>

You Can Buy a OnePlus One Without an Invite Until They Run Out

The OnePlus One is a great phone – probably the best value phone on the market if you want to go off-contract. The biggest problem with it up until now was that you needed an invitation to buy one. But OnePlus is making its so-called "flagship killer" phones available today without an invite (until they run out). Read More >>

Buy the OnePlus One Without an Invite This Weekend

The OnePlus One is a fantastic smartphone in almost every way, apart from how you purchase it: normally, you need an invite to be able to buy. Which means you would need to have actual friends. But as a special treat for this weekend of unbridled consumerism, OnePlus is letting you buy sans invite for the next 72 hours. Read More >>

OnePlus One Phone is Up for Pre-Order for One Hour Only

The OnePlus One phone is now open to pre-order to all after being on sale as an invite-only proposition initially. Hurry though -- pre-orders will close again at 4pm GMT. [OnePlus] Read More >>

OnePlus One Pre-Orders Finally Begin October 27th (For One Hour Only)

Lowly people without an invite will finally be able to pre-order a OnePlus One phone starting October 27th at 3PM BST for £269. At long last. Read More >>

You May Finally Be Able to Buy a OnePlus One Smartphone in October

OnePlus One is the best smartphone you can't buy. Ok, that's not necessarily true, it's just really, really hard. It all comes down to invites, which the company gives out during occasional raffles or online contests, that allow lucky winners to then buy the phone. Read More >>

OnePlus to Women: Send Us Hot Selfies, We’ll Let You Buy Our Phone (Updated)

Tech companies have a pretty awful track record where talking to women is concerned. But after running damage control on horrible campaign after horrible campaign, you'd think they'd try to avoid making the same mistakes again. And you would be wrong. Enter OnePlus' new lovely-ladies-only invite giveaway. Because, as they say, "chivalry is not dead." Read More >>

OnePlus One Review: An Unbelievably Fantastic Smartphone

Maybe you've heard of the OnePlus One. It's the self-styled "flagship killer" aiming to swoop in from China and beat the Nexus 5 at its own affordability game. That's a tall order, but the OnePlus One fills it. It's so dirt cheap, and so incredible, that it's damn near unbelievable. Read More >>