OnePlus 2 Review: It’s Powerful, it’s Cheap and it’s Exciting

Even as Apple, Samsung, and Motorola are pounding out their latest flagship superphones, the OnePlus 2 is easily the most interesting handset hitting the market right now. It’s different: an ambitious, powerful phone that won’t set you back too much loot. Read More >>

OnePlus Has Another Phone, And it’s Not Called the OnePlus 3

Just as OnePlus finally delivered the long-awaited (and long-rumoured) OnePlus 2, the Chinese company’s co-founder Carl Pei let details slip on the OnePlus’ next smartphone. Strange thing? It’s coming this year, too. Read More >>

OnePlus 2 Hands-On: So Good, it Makes Me Want to Go Off-Contract

One year ago, the OnePlus One became the best off-contract smartphone you could buy. An unheard of Chinese company managed to deliver a high-quality Android handset for a crazy-low £229 price. Now, it looks like that awesomeness wasn’t a fluke. Behold: the OnePlus 2. Read More >>

This is Our First Glimpse of the OnePlus Two

When Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus launched the One back in 2013, it redefined what a budget smartphone could be. Now, we’ve got a glimpse of the follow-up device. Read More >>

OnePlus Two Benchmark Hints at Performance Boost for Budget Blower Sequel

Credit where it's due, the OnePlus One was one of the most exciting mobile launches of recent years. Affordable, powerful and not weighed down by a bloated interface, its drip-fed sales technique made for a feeling of exclusivity that set its owners apart from the Android masses. News of its sequel, the niftily-named OnePlus Two, was confirmed by OnePlus earlier this year, with the company aiming to have it out by the Autumn of 2015. Now, we've got what looks like our first look at the handsets specs. Read More >>