The OnePlus 6 is Basically Here, So it’s Clearly Time to Start Speculating About the OnePlus 6T

Out in the word there are people who are constantly working, and never really feel like taking time off. Like freelancers, or workaholics. None of those can compare to the smartphone rumour mill, however, since its process or leaking and speculation never end. Case in point: the OnePlus 6 isn't set to go on general sale until tomorrow, but we're already hearing some speculation about its successor - the OnePlus 6T. Read More >>

The OnePlus 6 Barely Stands Out From the Crowd, But it’s Redeemed by the Battery and Price

OnePlus seems to have been the darling child of the phone industry, seemingly coming out of nowhere to deliver the OnePlus One in 2014 – a phone that people literally couldn't get enough of thanks to all the hoops you had to jump through just to have the option of buying one. While that particular method of purchase is long gone, the OnePlus brand is still pretty popular, with an immense amount of hype surrounding the recent device. Almost on par with the likes of Samsung and Apple, which ain't too shabby for a company that didn't exist five years ago. Read More >>

The OnePlus 6 Has Finally Arrived: Here’s What it Offers and Where to Buy it in the UK

After what seems like a lifetime of rumours and speculation, despite the fact the OnePlus 5T launched less than six months ago, we finally know what the OnePlus 6 has to offer. Even though we've seen all the leaks and rumours that spoiled things ages ago, it's nice to finally get some confirmation of what's to come. Read More >>

Bullets Wireless are OnePlus’s Bluetooth Earbuds, But They’re Not Jumping on the Wire-Free Bandwagon

Today is the day OnePlus launches the OnePlus 6, the latest in its line of budget premium-tier smartphones. It's also got other products in the pipeline, and they've just announced that a new set of wireless earbuds are on the way. But unlike Apple, Samsung, Sony, and countless other companies, OnePlus isn't going down the zero-wire route. Read More >>

How to Watch the OnePlus 6 Launch Event Without Actually Being There

After all that waiting, today is the day the OnePlus 6 is going to be unveiled in front of the whole world. As usually there's a big fancy launch event going on, though OnePlus mixed things up by letting members of the general public purchase tickets. It was in London, too, which was helpful for us. There weren't many of those tickets available, and they sold out quite quickly, but there is a way for the rest of you to tune in from home. Read More >>

New Leaks Showcase More OnePlus 6 Renders, and Possible European Pricing

It's two days until the OnePlus 6 launch event, when the company will unveil the phone that was leaked to hell weeks ago. But there's always room to take a look at more unofficial stuff, and there's the whole pricing situation to worry about. Luckily there are more renders to peak at if you're that impatient, along with what is alleged to be the phone's European pricing. Read More >>

Now Some OnePlus 6 Renders Have Leaked

With the amount of basic stuff that gets leaked pre-launch, you'd almost think that phone companies did it on purpose for whatever reason. Either that or leakers are just that good at sneaking stuff off and slowly releasing it to the public instead of dumping it all at once. The OnePlus 6 has been no different, and now we've got some CAD renders that show off the phone in a slightly clearer way than the leaked photos. Read More >>

OnePlus Just Launched a New Trade-in Programme Ahead of the OnePlus 6 Launch

The launch of the OnePlus 6 is still a week away, and while we keep hearing all sort of leaks and rumours about the phone OnePlus hasn't exactly been stingy with details on what people can expect. The latest piece of news coming out of the company is that its launching a new and improved trade-in programme, so existing OnePlus owners can get a better deal if they decide to upgrade. Read More >>

New Photo Seemingly Confirms the OnePlus 6 Will Come in Black and White

It is eight days until OnePlus is set to reveal the OnePlus 6 at the London launch event, but over the past few weeks we've actually seen quite a lot of what the phone has to offer. Not only have we seen leaked photos purporting to be the upcoming handset, leaked adverts, as well as how much the phone will supposedly cost in various markets, a new image has emerged that seemingly confirms that the phone will be available in black and white variants. Read More >>

Leaked Box Image Gives Us Our First Look at the Avengers-Themed OnePlus 6

For a while now there have been murmurs that OnePlus would be releasing an Avengers-themed version of the OnePlus 6, and now a leaked image of the box seems to give us our first look at what the device might involve. Even if we don't get to see how different the phone might be to the base OnePlus 6 model just yet. Read More >>

Leaked Photos Show Off the OnePlus 6 in Person

There's just under two weeks to go until the OnePlus 6 is due to be unveiled in front of the whole world, but the leaks just keep coming. If anything they speed up, as the would-be leakers attempt to get stuff out into the world before time runs out. Today there's a big one, and it involves pictures of the phone itself. Read More >>

London is Getting a OnePlus 6 Pre-Sale Pop-up on 21st May

By now everyone will know that the OnePlus 6 will be officially unveiled on 16th May, ready for side release at a later date. It'll no doubt end up being quite the popular device, much like its predecessors, and if you end up liking what you see on announcement day you might get the chance to own it before everyone else. You just need to be in or near London on 21st May. Read More >>

OnePlus Confirms 16th May OnePlus 6 Launch Date, and You Could be There

After much rumour and speculation regarding the launch of the OnePlus 6, the company has just announced that it the big launch event will be happening on 16th May. What's more OnePlus is giving people the chance to attend a special launch event in London, but only if they pay first. Read More >>

The OnePlus 6’s First Advert Has Leaked

We're in the run up to the launch of the OnePlus 6, which rumours have suggested might be officially unveiled at the end of the month. Given this is the next big phone release on the way (that we know of), there are plenty of rumours and leaks hitting the net in the run-up. The latest is what appears to be an Indian advert for the phone, and in typical marketing fashion the footage is completely abstract and just barely relates back to the phone in question. Read More >>

The OnePlus 6 Will Let You Hide the Notch if it Offends You That Much

Lots of phones have notches now, because they want to maximise screen space and need a place for the front camera and all the sensors to live. Some people don't care, some people are devastated, and some people adamantly defend this design choice - possibly because Apple managed to copy it before everyone else. Read More >>