OnePlus Says Hack Exposed Credit Cards of Up to 40,000 Customers

Data breaches are now commonplace, but that doesn’t make them any less serious. So when a number of users reported seeing suspicious activity on their credit cards after buying something from OnePlus’ online store, the company launched an investigation to find out what really happened. Now the results are in, and it’s not looking good. As many as 40,000 customers who bought something on from mid-November of 2017 up until last week potentially had their credit card info stolen by hackers. Read More >>

OnePlus Shuts Down Credit Card Payments After Reports of Suspicious Transactions

Recently, OnePlus was on a roll. The OnePlus 5T is easily the best phone the company has ever made, and just before CES 2018, OnePlus released a rather attractive white colour variant for its latest mid-range phone. However, things got derailed last week when OnePlus customers started reporting they were seeing unknown transactions hit their credit cards after making a purchase on Read More >>

One of the Best Midrange Phones is Even Better in White

Just in time for blasts of snow and freezing temps, OnePlus has released a frosty new colour variant of the 5T. Read More >>

The OnePlus 5T Is a Very Damn Good Phone for a Reasonable Price

The price of high-end smartphones is out of control. The iPhone X starts at £999, while Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 retails at £869. As much as I like nice things, ponying up that much for a phone is kind of ridiculous. Do we really need a notch that lets you turn your face into an animated pile of poo, or a stylus that won’t make your rubbish stick figures look any better? Don’t fret, because it’s still possible to get a very good phone for a decent price. Read More >>

Here Are the 3 Biggest Upgrades on the New OnePlus 5T

As the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X push phone prices higher than they’ve ever been before, the line between flagship and midrange phones have become so blurry that those terms don’t mean much anymore. But now, OnePlus is back with an upgraded version of the OnePlus 5, and it might help us rebalance this equation. Read More >>

iPhone X Alternatives: Great Phones For People Who Don’t Want to Spend £1,000

If you’re among the many people who find the eye-watering £999 price tag of the new iPhone X outrageous, fear not. There are many less expensive alternatives that still deliver a high-quality experience. Read More >>

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The OnePlus 5 Is the New Android iPhone Ripoff – in a Very Good Way

The OnePlus employees seemed a little annoyed when I asked how they felt about people comparing its new device to an iPhone. Sure, both phones feature dual camera designs. Yes, the OnePlus 5 has curves that look a lot like an Apple product. Ugh, fine, it’s a really good phone, too. What’s the big deal? Read More >>

The OnePlus 5 Arrives This Summer

OnePlus, the Chinese phone company that's doing really well for itself, has announced a rough timeframe for the release of the OnePlus 5. The successor to the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T will be arriving sometime this summer. Read More >>

The Limited Edition Midnight Black OnePlus 3T Goes On Sale Today

OnePlus is the latest phone manufacturer to release a fancypants black version of their phone, since Apple kicked off the new trend of pretending black is anything but the most boring option for your new phone. Read More >>

A Souped-Up OnePlus 3 is Coming Next Week

The people who run OnePlus’ and Qualcomm’s social media accounts are almost certainly not to be trusted with secrets. Both companies have all-but-confirmed the November 15th launch of the OnePlus 3T, the heavily-rumoured, souped-up version of the excellent OnePlus 3. Read More >>

O2 Has Exclusive Rights to the OnePlus 3 in the UK

If you want to get your hands on one of OnePlus's cheap not-quite-Android smartphones, you have to buy it directly from the company's online storefront. Or do you? O2 has just announced that it will be the first UK network to start offering the device to customers. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Compared to iPhone 6S Plus, S7 Edge, and Other Giant Phones

So we've finally got to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in an official capacity. You know from a Samsung rep on a stage, rather than some semi-anonymous leaker on the interwebs. But now we need to ask the important questions, how does it compare to other phablets you can buy? Read More >>

The Best Smartphone For Every Need

“What’s the best smartphone?” It’s a question I hear at least once or twice a month. Read More >>

One of the Best Cheap Phones Might Get a Price Hike Thanks to Brexit

All the fallout surrounding Britain’s historic decision to leave the European Union is still being sorted out. But a brand new piece of bad news for us Brits is that OnePlus’ new phone, the surprisingly great OnePlus 3, may get a price hike in the UK. Not because of any strong EU bias or anything, but because the pound is currently garbage. Read More >>

OnePlus 3 Review: The Best Cheap Phone You Can Buy

In 2014, OnePlus arrived out of nowhere with a powerful idea: What if a phone could look good, be powerful, and not cost a crapload? The OnePlus One was a mic drop and the OnePlus 2 a successful sophomore follow-up, but the new 3 silences the haters—the OnePlus 3 is a “Flagship Killer” and at £309, with no more dumb invite system, it’s not just the best OnePlus phone ever, but one of the best cheap phones too. Read More >>