Android Pie Finally Comes to OnePlus 5 and 5T, But Only in Beta

It's been a while since OnePlus announced that it would be bringing Android Pie to older OnePlus devices, rather than just supporting this year's phones. Sadly there was never any indication on when the updated software would arrive. Well good news for anyone still rocking a OnePlus 5 and 5T, because Android Pie just arrived in the latest Open Beta. Read More >>

The 5G OnePlus Phone Arrives In May

The race to 5G is afoot, and as we've been hearing for a while, it looks like OnePlus will indeed be one of the very first to release a phone compatible with the vastly higher data speeds it offers. Read More >>

The OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition is Here With an Orange Trim and Carbon Fibre Design

After a bit of speculation and teasing, OnePlus has finally unveiled the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition. It's a brand new version of the 6T that was released back in October, complete with all the associated features, but a few things have changed. For one the McLaren Edition has an orange streak, and that's not a pun or metaphor it literally has an orange trim round the outside. Read More >>

OnePlus Says the In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Gets Faster the More You Use It

The fact OnePlus added an in-display fingerprint scanner to the OnePlus 6T was a big deal. It wasn't the first company to integrate such a feature, nor was it the first one to launch a flagship with one, but it did make it nice and affordable. In fact the 6T was only £10 more than the OnePlus 6, which we can all agree is a good thing. Read More >>

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition Pictures Have Leaked, and it’s Orange Enough to Make Donald Trump Jealous

Earlier today OnePlus teased that the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition would also come with a reinvigorated fast charging system - possibly with the Warp Charge name that's been rumoured for months. This afternoon a bunch of other stuff leaked out onto the web, including images of a phone so orange it would blend in perfectly if you snuck one inside the Oval Office. Read More >>

Looks Like There’s Some Fast Charging News Arriving With OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition

OnePlus has a special McLaren event scheduled for next Tuesday, and we already know that this is where we'll see a special edition version of the OnePlus 6T. But from the looks of things that won't be the only thing on the agenda. A teaser sent out on the OnePlus UK Twitter account suggests we'll also be hearing something about the company's famous fast charging. Read More >>

The 5G OnePlus 7 Price Will Be About £200 More Than The 6T

We haven't had the OnePlus 6T for long, but us tech obsessives are always looking to the next big thing and next year, it's 5G. Read More >>

OnePlus Will Release Europe’s First 5G Smartphone Next Year, and it’s Coming to EE

We hear a lot from OnePlus about how it isn't a fan of adopting new technology until it's ready, which is why its phones often seem slow to include features that other phones have had for a while - wireless charging being the best example. But it clearly doesn't have any concerns about 5G, and has repeatedly promised it will have a 5G smartphone ready in the near future. Now it has confirmed a 5G OnePlus phone will arrive next year, and has promised it will be the first commercially available 5G handset in Europe. Read More >>

OnePlus Confirms a McLaren Edition OnePlus 6T is Coming, Even Though We’d All Figured That Out

Last week OnePlus announced that it had partnered with McLaren for something, but wouldn't say what. It didn't take long to figure out there was a special edition phone on the way, and the rumours quickly started suggesting the phone will have 10GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Now OnePlus has confirmed that a new phone is coming on 11th December. Read More >>

Some OnePlus 6T Owners are Having Issues With Display Static

The OnePlus 6T is a decent phone, particularly since it's not massively different from the OnePlus 6 - which was itself a decent phone. But like its predecessor it's not immune to display troubles, and now some users have taken to the OnePlus forums to complain they're seeing waves of static flash across their display at random intervals. Read More >>

New Rumour Claims the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition Could Have 10GB of RAM

While there are still phones out there that trundle along with 4GB of RAM, we're still creeping towards an 8GB norm. So it's about time we started pushing beyond 8GB, right? Some phones have started squeezing in 10GB, and the still-unannounced OnePlus 6T McLaren edition might be one of them. Read More >>

A McLaren Branded OnePlus 6T Is Probably On The Way

Smartphone brand OnePlus has announced it's collaborating with McLaren on an as-yet-unannounced project, although we're pretty sure we already know. Read More >>

black friday
Amazon Has Knocked £70 Off the OnePlus 6 Ready for Black Friday

OnePlus may be focusing on selling you the brand new OnePlus 6T and its fancy magic in-display fingerprint sensor, but the OnePlus 6 is still out there. If you ignore the different fingerprint scanners then both phones are essentially the same, so there are plenty of reasons why you might want to pick the six month old phone instead. Especially now Amazon has knocked £70 off the pricetag. Read More >>

The Thunder Purple OnePlus 6T Is Now Available

It looked for a while like the only colours of the OnePlus 6T were going to be black, black and more black, but then they surprised us with a gorgeous colour called Thunder Purple. And after some confusion about whether it was coming to the UK, followed by confirmation that it was, it's finally gone on sale today. Read More >>

The OnePlus 7 Probably Won’t be OnePlus’s 5G Phone

OnePlus is clearly focused on 5G, and has announced multiple times that it intends to be one of the first companies to bring a 5G handset to market. Many have wondered what this means for the company's typical line-up, and now it sounds as though this 5G phone will definitely not be the OnePlus 7. It's something entirely new. Read More >>