“We’ve Bought the Wrong Satellites” For GPS After Brexit

We didn't think our embarrassment at the current government could get any worse, but 2020 has struck again with the news that the UK is spending a tonne of money on satellites that may well not do what we need them for. Read More >>

SpaceX Rival OneWeb Files for Bankruptcy, Citing Covid-19 as a Factor

Telecommunications firm OneWeb has filed for bankruptcy, leaving the status of its orbital internet constellation, which currently consists of 74 satellites, in doubt. The debt-stricken company said it failed to secure required funding on account of the covid-19 pandemic. Read More >>

The Orbital Clutter Expands: SpaceX RivaI OneWeb Launches 34 Satellites

OneWeb, a UK-based telecommunications firm, has launched 34 satellites into space. These satellites will join an internet constellation that could soon consist of 648 satellites, in a system that will rival Elon Musk’s Starlink. We’ve officially entered into a new race for space – one that threatens astronomy and the safety of low Earth orbit itself. Read More >>