Forgetting a £80,000 Pair of Diamond-Saturated Headphones on a Plane Would Be Tragic

Thanks to Onkyo, throwing on a pair of fancy rose gold Beats headphones is no longer a status symbol. Compared to Onkyo’s new Diamond Headphones which will be available — to a select few — for somewhere around £80,000, those rose gold ear goggles you were so proud of might as well be just another boring pair of white iPhone earbuds. Read More >>

Onkyo Set to Make Iron Maiden Heavy Metal Headphones

Onkyo and metal mascot Eddie -- the most unlikely tech partnership of all time? The audio firm has just signed up to make licensed Iron Maiden headphones. No word on specs, release or pricing yet, but they're sure to make Ed Sheeran fans run to the hills. [Maiden Audio / @funnmagazine] Read More >>

Onkyo Bringing Dolby Atmos to Living Rooms With New Home Theatre Recievers

Dolby Atmos's long-awaited arrival into living rooms is nearly upon us, with Onkyo the first AV receiver manufacturer to announce a range supporting the overhead cinematic sound format. Read More >>

Onkyo and Gibson Pair-Up In Pursuit of Sonic Perfection

Two of the biggest names in quality audio are getting together. Gibson Guitar Corp. will buy a sizeable chunk of Onkyo USA making it the second largest shareholder in Onkyo Corp., while Onkyo will plough money and executives into Gibson. Read More >>