Everything You Need to Know About the Plan to Kill Internet Passwords

Passwords just don’t work all that well for our modern-day websites and web apps: They’re insecure, they’re hard to remember, and they’re a lot of hassle to manage for only the basic account protection that they provide. Now Chrome and Firefox are leading the charge to kill off passwords on the web for good. Read More >>

The 4 Cybersecurity Mistakes You’re Most Likely To Make

Tell your Grandma, tell your Dad, hey - tell your bus driver. Read More >>

How Twitter Could Beat the Trolls, and Why it Won’t

Twitter has a troll problem. It has had from the beginning, really. But it's been particularly loud this month, thrown into sharp relief with the sickening attacks on Robin Williams's grieving daughter, Zelda. Twitter's response has been tepid at best; as far as squashing trolls goes, it's the most we can ever expect. Read More >>

Hackers Can Use the Labels on Your Snail Mail to Mess You Up Online

Think hacking starts and ends online? Think again. Forbes took a look at the damage an identity thief can do using just the address label on the magazines you subscribe to, and the answer ain't pretty. Read More >>