Sony is Buying Cloud Gaming Service OnLive to Boost PS4 Game Streaming

It's just been revealed that Sony will be acquiring "various assets" from cloud-gaming specialists OnLive, to be integrated with its PlayStation business. Read More >>

The PS4 Will Play Old PS3 Games, But Only Streamed From the Cloud

Looks like the reports that the PS4 won't be backwards compatible with PS3 games is only half true. According to the WSJ, you won't be able to stick your old discs in, but the PS4 will be able to stream old PS3 games instead, like a PlayStation-only OnLive. Read More >>

Nvidia Reckons That Next-Gen Consoles Will be the Last

According to the Nvidia's cloud gaming boss, the Nintendo Wii U and the next-gen successors to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 could very well be the last of home consoles gracing consumers, as cloud gaming ramps up, brings down latency and could very well be the future of home gaming. Read More >>

OnLive: Nothing Will Change, as We’ve Just Been Bought

The OnLive saga just got stranger. After seemingly firing all its staff and technically shuttering under a fancy form of bankruptcy, it seems nothing's actually changed. Business as usual according to OnLive -- just a minor hiccup. Read More >>

Did OnLive Just Shutter Its Cloud Gaming Service and Fire All Its Employees?

Michael McWhertor over at Polygon is reporting that OnLive, best known for its cloud gaming service (and also it's 'streaming' version of Windows), is closing up shop and giving all its employees the boot. Read More >>

Ouya, the Android Gaming Console, Gets a Massive Kick In the Pants From OnLive

If you were in any doubt that the little Kickstarter-powered Android console-that-could was a real contender for the in-living room gaming crown, this should put that to rest. OnLive has just confirmed that it'll be partnering with Ouya and will be on the console from launch. Read More >>

How to Run OnLive’s Remote Microsoft Office on OS X, For Free

Even if you're a Microsoft Office hater, sometimes it's extremely useful to have access to its features. Well, here's a quick way to achieve that on OS X, for free, using OnLive's Desktop service. Read More >>

Sony Buys Cloud-Based Game Streamer Gaikai for £242m

Sony gaming division's explanation of its £242m purchase of Gaikai is that it'll be creating some sort of "cloud-based interactive entertainment service," although it seems much more likely it'll eventually be used to offer a form of backward-compatibility with older PlayStation titles whenever Sony gets around to launching PS4. Read More >>

Is OnLive Violating Microsoft’s Licensing Agreements?

Though you might expect a company whose business model is based around sharing installations of Windows via the web to have thought about licensing... you'd be wrong. Microsoft is claiming that OnLive — the company intent on delivering Windows to your iPad — violates its Windows 7 licensing agreements. Read More >>

OnLive Desktop Now Available for Android Tablets (Updated: Only If You Live In the US — Whoops)

We may still be waiting for the iPad version to become available here in the UK, but the OnLive Desktop service—which provides remote access to a server-powered version of Windows 7—is now available for Android Tablets. Read More >>

Streaming Office to Your iPad Is Terrifying and Wonderful

OnLive, venerable streamer of PC games to tablets, has a new trick up its sleeve: putting Windows 7 on iPads and Android tablets. Oh really? Thank a lot, OnLive. There's officially nowhere left to escape work. And the worst part? It works. Really. Well. Read More >>

OnLive for Android Could Make Xperia Play Worth a Damn

On paper the Xperia Play seems like a good idea. An Android phone with a slide out gaming pad. Then it was released and everyone yawned. Today's OnLive announcement could turn those yawns into Woohoos. Read More >>

Grab Yourself Three Months’ Free OnLive Gaming With BT

Like an early Christmas present for the game-starved, you can grab three months' OnLive access for free if you're a BT Broadband customer. Sign up to OnLive before the 31st of January and you'll be gifted the free subscription with the magic words "zero commitment" appended, just in case it's utter pants. Read More >>

Official OnLive App Now Available for Android

Hot new video game streaming service OnLive has been hacked on to Android before. Now there's an official app, giving Android owners the chance to join the disc-free streaming service. Read More >>