How a 14-inch Hole Created a 1,300-Foot-Deep Saltwater Lake

Lake Peigneur is located in Louisiana near the Gulf of Mexico. Before 1980, it was an approximately 10-foot-deep fresh water lake with an island in the middle. Next to it, and partially under it, Diamond Crystal Salt Company maintained a salt mine, with salt being mined near the lake since 1919. Read More >>

This is What Happens When You Just Don’t Pay Enough Attention During Live TV

You're innocently trying to illustrate a massive traffic jam that's built up live on TV when, in your intense concentration to get it just right, you fail to see that you're actually drawing a massive cock, right there on the touchscreen monitor. Ooops. Read More >>

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Aviva’s Mass-Mail Blunder Shows Us Why You Shouldn’t Fire People By Email

Imagine being the blithering idiot who writes up a “you’re fired” email and then hits the send-to-everyone button. I cringe just at the thought, but that’s exactly what an HR person at Aviva managed to do, telling over 1,300 employees – Aviva’s entire investment global workforce -- to pack up and get the hell out. Read More >>

Daily Mail In Pinterest Pinter Mix Up

We’ve heard a lot about Pinterest recently; it’s certainly a hot topic around the internets at the moment. Now the Daily Mail’s gotten involved, but has seemingly grabbed the wrong end of the stick, phoning the late Harold Pinter’s widow for a statement on the interesting website supposedly named after him. Read More >>