Alien Only Ever Needed One Sequel

No one argues that Alien and Aliens are the best films in the Alien franchise. It’s an objective, undisputed fact. After that, though, nothing is certain—is Alien 3 a good movie? How bad is Resurrection? Do the Alien vs. Predator movies count? Did you like Prometheus? The debates go on and on. Read More >>

From Alien: Covenant to Prometheus, Why Does Ridley Scott Let Trailers Spoil His Movies?

Spoilers: This post explicitly discusses the plot details of Alien: Covenant, Prometheus, and even the original Alien. If you don’t want these three movies to be spoiled for you, then look away now. You have been warned. Read More >>

Never Accept a Ride From a 2 Star-Rated Uber Driver Abroad: A Cautionary Tale

Ahh, Uber rides – the only time it’s acceptable to get in the back of a stranger’s car and pay them for the privilege. It’s weird how normal it’s become for someone you’ve never met to take you somewhere you’re too lazy to walk to and then happily accept peanuts for it. I guess that’s how taxis were once, before cabbies realised how much they could get from ripping off tourists. Read More >>

This Throwaway Google I/O Moment Left Me Both Terrified and Inspired

It was a passing, throwaway moment shared by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, a footnote to the home automation talk, the Android updates and VR noise close to the end of last night’s Google I/O 2016 keynote, that had the most profound impact for me. And I can’t decide whether or not to be inspired by it, or simply terrified. Read More >>

I’m Terrified by the New Star Trek Series

I love Star Trek above all other franchises. But it’s a twisted, painful sort of love. A love that, with a new TV series on the way, may actually kill me. Read More >>

The Syrian Refugee Crisis Is Our Children of Men Moment

We often use old sci-fi movies as reference points for our own hopes and fears about our present reality. That computer interface is so Minority Report, we might say. That food is something out of Soylent Green. That building is so Jetsons. It’s imperfect, but it’s a shorthand to talk about the way that the world is changing, for better and for worse. And given the humanitarian crisis in Syria, it seems our most popular point of reference in the summer of 2015 is the 2006 film Children of Men. Read More >>

The Lib Dems are Right: Why it is Time to Legalise Drugs

Remember the Liberal Democrats? Today the Independent reports that the party is pushing to legalise drugs, with their Home Affairs spokesman Brian Paddick saying the Tory government's approach is "doomed to failure". Read More >>

Is the Art of Typing Becoming Lost in a World of Touchscreens and Social Media?

There’s something unpleasant about typing on a touchscreen. The thud of fingers on a screen lacks the pleasing clack-clack-clack of a real keyboard. It’s OK, you can hand me a Luddite loyalty card now, but digital touchscreen keyboards, whether tablet or smartphone, still haven’t convinced me that they do the job any more than adequately. Read More >>

The Information Age is Over. Welcome to the Infrastructure Age.

Nobody wants to say it outright, but the Apple Watch sucks. So do most smartwatches. Every time I use my beautiful Moto 360, its lack of functionality makes me despair. But the problem isn’t our gadgets. It’s that the future of consumer tech isn’t going to come from information devices. It’s going to come from infrastructure. Read More >>

The Huawei MediaPad X2 Takes the Term ‘Phablet’ to a Whole New Level

It's no secret that our phones have been getting bigger over the last few years, but there should be a point where enough is enough. With Huawei announcing the 7-inch MediaPad X2 smartphone, that point is now. Please don't let phones with 7-inch displays become a thing. Read More >>

All of My Gadgets Are Screaming at Me and it’s All My Fault

If you were to send me an email right now, a number of things would happen. My wrist would vibrate. My pocket would vibrate, light up, and make a sound. A pop-up would appear in the corner of my laptop screen. A counter next to a small icon of an envelope would increase in my Google Chrome window. I'll twitch and squirm and swear in frustration but I need all these things to happen, I swear. Still, I probably won't answer your email. Read More >>

Why I Left My iPhone 6 for an iPhone 5S

A week after the iPhone 6 launch, I found myself drunk, eligible for a contract phone upgrade, and holding my finger perilously close to the checkout. $200 (£128) for Apple's latest seemed like a no-brainer. Two months of less-than-blissful life with the 6 later, and I'm switching back. Read More >>

Why Phones 4U Closing Down Sucks

Over the weekend, we were somewhat shocked to learn that Phones 4U, home of mobile phones and semi-trained salesmen on aggressive commissions, is heading down the Blockbuster-Jessops route, and going into administration. Although it might not seem like the greatest of losses (except to purveyors of shiny suits and hair cream), here's why all of phone-buying Britain is going to lose out. Read More >>

Petrol be Damned: Why Tesla and the UK are a Perfect Match

In the coming months, the country's wealthier neighbourhoods are going to get a new bit of eye-candy on the driveways. No, not a new Aston, but rather the shiny new Tesla Model S: an all-electric saloon that'll finally be making its way to our right-hand drive shores, two years after going on sale in the US -- a shame, seeing as our island is a much better fit for the electric car flagship. Read More >>