Opera for Android is Now the First Browser With a Built-in Crypto Wallet

Opera has already shown itself to be more than willing to adapt to the new crypto currency fad that's been sweeping the world, with built-in tools that prevent sites from using your device to mine crypto coins whenever you use them. Now its decided that this isn't enough, and has launched a new crypto wallet that doesn't rely on separate apps of extensions. Read More >>

Shuttered Experiment Shares New View of Ghostly Neutrinos’ Shape-Shifting Behaviour

Can we take a minute to appreciate just how weird neutrinos are? The second most abundant known particle in the universe passes right through most regular matter like a ghost—you get hit with around a quadrillion of them from the Sun every second. Not only that, but neutrinos can even change between three different identities. They are spooky as hell. Read More >>

Opera 50 Now Protects Your From CryptoJacking

Cryptocurrencies have been in the news a lot recently, and part of that news involves people discovering certain websites are hijacking their processors to mine new coins that the owner can then sell. It's a shitty way of monetising their sites that lessens their reliance on adverts, and it's happening more and more. Nobody wants their computer to suddenly start overworking their machine's resources - especially when Google Chrome does a pretty good job of that already. Read More >>

Opera’s New Crypto-Mining Blocker Is a Great Reason to Try Their Web Browser

The latest nasty security scourge plaguing the internet is cryptojacking. By running hidden code on a seemingly ordinary webpage, hackers and disreputable webmasters can highjack your CPU’s processing power in order to mine cryptocurrency, line their own pockets, and kill your performance. Opera is now the first web browser with a built-in tool to fight off this practice—and hopefully it won’t be the last. Read More >>

How to Switch Browsers Without Losing Everything

Impressed with the new spit and polish of Firefox Quantum? Or ready to return to the warm embrace of Safari? We now carry so much of our digital lives around with us in our browsers that switching isn’t all that straightforward—here’s how to make sure you take everything with you when you jump from one to the other. Read More >>

Opera’s New Power Saving Mode Said to Improve Battery Life By 50%

You keep 34 browser tabs open and your battery life sucks. Well, apparently Opera has a solution in the shape of a new power-saving mode, which it claims will extend a laptop’s battery life by up to 50 per cent compared to Chrome. Read More >>

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Looking Inside an Opera Singer’s Head With an MRI is So Freaky

For a never-before-seen look at how an opera singer is able to produce such an amazing sound, German baritone Michael Volle performed Song to the Evening Star from Wagner’s Tannhäuser during an MRI scan. Read More >>

Opera Now Has a Totally Free and Unlimited Built-In VPN

Dodging firewalls and masking your IP address usually requires firing up separate — often paid-for — software or plug-ins while you’re browsing. Now, though, Opera has its own free VPN baked right into the desktop browser Read More >>

Opera Now Has Built-In Ad Blockers, Claimed To Be 45% Faster Than Chrome With AdBlock

Opera has just released the latest developer version of its browser, and it has an interesting new feature: it features built-in ad blockers that are claimed to make it faster than other browsers with third-party alternatives. Read More >>

A Chinese Consortium Plans to Buy Opera — for £829,000,000

How much would you pay for an unpopular browser? If you were a group of Chinese companies you’d probably think somewhere in the region of, oooh, $1.2 billion (£829m) ought to do it. Read More >>

Opera Wants to Make all Apps Subscription Services

Opera wants to shake up the app store as we know it. Instead of one-time paid and free apps, it wants to build a store where each and every app works as a subscription service. Read More >>

Opera Mini Browser Wants to Make the Internet Work on Samsung’s Gear S

Owners of Samsung's most recent attempt at doing a smartwatch will soon have access to a full web browser, thanks to Opera putting together a version of its mobile-themed Opera Mini browser for the device's Tizen OS -- and releasing it exclusively via Samsung's own app store. Read More >>

Opera Coast: a Stripped Down Browser Built Just for iPad

>Web browsing on the iPad, or any tablet for that matter, is far too frustrating of an experience for what's really one of the device's most basic uses. Safari for iOS was designed with an iPhone in mind, so anything larger becomes an awkward mix of sweeping gestures and pointed tapping. Opera's newly launched iPad only browser, Coast, wants to fix that. Read More >>

Opera Next’s Mail Client Is Now Its Very Own Desktop App

The arguably unnecessary race to "revolutionise email" just found another contender in Norwegian software company Opera. After stripping its Opera 15 browser of a mail client, the group is officially releasing Opera Mail as a standalone desktop app. Read More >>