windows 8
Windows 8.1 Launch Today Leads to App Update Frenzy

The long-awaited Windows 8.1 update is to be made available today for those who've braved the tile-based madness of Microsoft's latest operating system. And, as is annoyingly customary with such things, it means practically every Microsoft-built Windows app will be getting an update. Read More >>

Here’s the List of OS X Mavericks-Compatible Macs

Yesterday's announcement of OS X Mavericks unveiled some pretty cool new features coming to your Mac—but Cook and co forgot to explain just which computers would support the new OS. Fortunately, Apple Insider has chatted with people familiar with the Mavericks Developer Preview to draw up a list of the Macs which are compatible with the software. Read More >>

RIM Will Pull the Covers Off BB10 January 30th

RIM's BB10 has been a hell of a long time coming. But the company has finally pinned down a launch date for the new OS: it will officially enter into the world on January 30th next year. Read More >>

Samsung: We’re Not Interested in Buying RIM, or BlackBerry Licenses

On the heels of last week's news suggesting that RIM was planning to license out its new operating system, BB10, Samsung has firmly denied any desires to become involved with RIM. Read More >>

6 Things OS X Mountain Lion Should Steal From Windows 8

Apple's shiny new baby is about to slide out of the womb, and if you're a Mac user, it'll take over your computer soon. New features abound, but OS X Mountain Lion is missing some awesome stuff Microsoft has cooked up in Windows 8. Apple: copy this. Read More >>

Windows 8 Boots So Fast You Can’t Access the BIOS Menu

Windows 8 boots so blisteringly fast that it theoretically gives you only 200 milliseconds to access the BIOS menu. Fortunately, Microsoft has gone to the trouble of designing a whole new Boot Options menu so you don't have to punch F8 like a crazy person. Read More >>

steve jobs
Steve Jobs Was Way Ahead of His Time (Even Back In 1999)

A couple of years back, Apple filed a patent application for an ad-supported operating system, which would give the user free or discounted services and software in return for watching ads. But apparently Steve Jobs himself came up with the idea, way back in 1999, and Apple very nearly released a version of OS 9 that was ad-supported. Read More >>