It’s Time to Admit Humans Can’t Be Trusted With Fireworks

Imagine for a second that fireworks aren't a thing. Read More >>

Okay, Facebook, You Win. I’m Done.

Facebook just reported a massive data breach. Nearly 50 million accounts were affected by the breach, though it remains unclear whether the accounts were misused or if personal data was accessed. My account might be one of those affected. I know this, because when I went to check, Facebook had logged me off. At which point, my face fell onto my keyboard, drooling a bit from one side or the other. I’ve been dealing with bullshit from this company for years. I’m over it. Read More >>

From Alien: Covenant to Prometheus, Why Does Ridley Scott Let Trailers Spoil His Movies?

Spoilers: This post explicitly discusses the plot details of Alien: Covenant, Prometheus, and even the original Alien. If you don’t want these three movies to be spoiled for you, then look away now. You have been warned. Read More >>

It’s About Time We All Stopped Carrying Phones In Our Pockets

For the last few weeks, I've been toting the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus around as my main phone. With its 6.2-inch – albeit curved – screen, it's one of the larger phones on the market. Read More >>

The ’90s X-Files Tie-In Novels Scarred Me Forever

I feel like a lot of tie-in novels today aren’t nearly as balls-to-the-wall crazy as they used to be. Corporations have an unbreakably tight grip on all their properties and everything associated with a successful property is carefully planned out and has the edges filed down. For example, the latest Young Adult X-Files books—prequels starring teen Mulder and Scully—are straightforward but well done. When I was young, however, the kid-targeted X-Files tie-in books were completely insane. Read More >>

star wars
Star Wars Is Poised to Re-Make One of the Expanded Universe’s Biggest Mistakes

When Disney acquired Star Wars and Lucasfilm announced the all the stories of the Expanded Universe had been jettisoned, it seemed like a galaxy far, far away was getting a fresh start. But that hasn’t totally been true, as pieces of the EU keep making their way back to the new canon. Now it seems like Star Wars may—may—be re-adding a certain idea that probably should never have existed in the first place. Read More >>

Hands On With The Huawei P10: Behind The Keynote Bullshit Is One Nice Looking Phone

The problem with a phone launch event is that there are only so many times that you can watch an executive say in front of an enormous projection screen that their new rectangle - the one that their company has spent a year working on - is the most innovative thing since sliced bread. So it is pretty easy to become jaded. Read More >>

Should Programmes Premiere Online Before Being Broadcast on TV?

Earlier today rumours spread that Amazon's upcoming Clarkson-filled car show The Grand Tour might be getting sold off to TV broadcasters, ready to be sent out to TV screens sometime after it premieres on Prime. Read More >>

star trek
Star Trek is My Best Love

After you’ve spent enough time in the company of geeks and nerds, someone will eventually ask the inevitable question: Star Wars or Star Trek? And I always give the same answer: Star Wars was my first love, but Star Trek is my best love. Read More >>

Why I’m Loving No Man’s Sky

There’s a fantastic episode of the original Star Trek series called “Arena”, where Captain Kirk is forced into one-on-one combat against the Gorn. No Man’s Sky feels like the best part of that story stretched out into an entire universe. Read More >>

Serious Academics Are Full of Shit

Last week, a Serious Academic™ exhausted hundreds of words denouncing the use of social media by his colleagues while insinuating that selfie culture poses an existential threat to academic life. The social media backlash from other serious academics was swift and on point, reminding us that many scientists are voluntary participants in the broader experiment of human society. Read More >>

Never Accept a Ride From a 2 Star-Rated Uber Driver Abroad: A Cautionary Tale

Ahh, Uber rides – the only time it’s acceptable to get in the back of a stranger’s car and pay them for the privilege. It’s weird how normal it’s become for someone you’ve never met to take you somewhere you’re too lazy to walk to and then happily accept peanuts for it. I guess that’s how taxis were once, before cabbies realised how much they could get from ripping off tourists. Read More >>

Engineers Own the Future — and Maybe Even Us

Technology is at the heart of everything we do. But as mechanical, electrical and computational systems have become increasingly complex, the control of every day life is increasingly in the hands of those that build it: the engineers. Read More >>

Where Is the iPod of Smartwatches?

The lifecycle of a new gadget is relatively predictable: When it’s brand new, only early adopters are interested. Once the technology matures, everybody buys one. But smartwatches still haven’t caught on with most people—and that’s because no one has made a smartwatch that’s worth its cost. Read More >>

This Was the Absolute Worst Moment of the iPhone 6S Launch, and It’s Unacceptable

Yesterday’s Apple event, at which it launched the iPhone 6S, iPad Pro and new Apple TV, was generally a pretty congenial, upbeat affair. This was a confident, affluent company heading into its most profitable quarter, showing off some typically lovely stuff that lots of us will happily buy and happily own. There was, though, one sour note, one discordant blarp of minor-key trumpets in the midst of the joyous chorus. Read More >>