This Pop-Up Phone Camera is Freaking Me Out

Last week, Oppo announced its new Reno phone range over two split events in China and Switzerland. Read More >>

Oppo’s New Phone is Impressively Gorgeous for Under £200

Oppo has well and truly arrived in the UK, and we're pretty happy to have another brand making surprisingly inexpensive smartphones in the vein of Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi and co. Read More >>

Pop-Up Cameras Are Just the Start as Oppo Dreams of Phones with Pop-Up Screens

You’ve heard of handsets with pop-up selfie cameras, but what about phones with full-on pop-up second screens? While the whole concept sounds a bit daft, it seems that’s precisely what Chinese phone maker Oppo may be cooking up based on its latest patents. Read More >>

Oppo’s ‘Stick of Gum’ Camera is the Weirdest Pop-Up Camera Yet

In the race to figure out how to get a proper full-screen, bezel-free phone without notches and camera holes, many companies have opted for a front-camera that hide away and only pop out when needed. Oppo's done quite a few of them already, and the latest one is one of the strangest designs yet. The 'stick of gum' design is a pop-up camera alright, but it also happens to look like a scalene triangle. Read More >>

Leaked Photos Show off the Oppo Reno’s Amazing 10x Zoom

We haven't had Oppo phones in the UK for long, and we're not due to see the upcoming Reno -- the Chinese company's new handset with 10x hybrid zoom -- until April. But photos allegedly taken on the device have just leaked on Twitter, and they're pretty impressive. Read More >>

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MWC 2019: Oppo’s Folding Phone is Too Similar to Huawei’s

Oppo has thrown its hat into the folding phone ring, but awkwardly, it's really similar to Huawei's (phone, not hat). Read More >>

Oppo is Bringing the RX17, RX17 Pro, and Find X to the UK Next Month

Last July Oppo started registered its devices with the Intellectual Property Office, which is the kind of thing a company only does it it plans on making its stuff officially available in the UK. While the company wouldn't comment on the matter at the time, that launch has finally come to be. The Chinese phone maker has confirmed some the RX17 Neo, RX17 Pro, and Find X smartphones are coming to the UK next month.  Read More >>

Oppo Has An Ingenious Solution To The Punch-Hole Problem

Since there's been so much moaning about the notches on modern smartphones, the manufacturers have all turned to the possibility of punch-hole displays, or 'doughnut phones' as we like to call them. Read More >>

We Might Get Oppo’s Folding Phone In February

Inventive smartphone manufacturer Oppo – of the sliding camera phone – has announced the Mobile World Congress launch date for its 10x optical zoom smartphone, and it's rumoured to include a foldable device too. Read More >>

Now Oppo has Plans For a Foldable Phone, Expected to be Unveiled in February

We're calling it now. 2019 is, without a doubt, going to be the year of the foldable phone. We've been hearing so much about foldy phones during 2018, as we patiently waited for Samsung to publicly unveil what we now know as the Galaxy Flex. beyond Korea's most famous tech company we've heard about various plans for folding devices from Huawei, LG, Lenovo, and Royole, alongside patents that suggest plenty more are on the way. Well now we can add one more to our list, from Chinese techy company Oppo. Read More >>

Oppo’s Confirmed it Will be Officially Bringing its Smartphones to the UK

Oppo is one of those Chinese smartphone companies you hear a lot about, especially now it's developed a bezel-less phone with a pop up camera, but its devices aren't that easily available here. OnePlus is technically part of Oppo, but it doesn't count for reasons. Now the company has confirmed that it will be officially bringing its phones to the UK, so anyone wanting to buy one won't need to grab an imported model from a third party. Read More >>

In Your Face iPhone 7 Plus, Oppo’s Phones Will Get 5x Optical Zoom

The big theme at this year's MWC is cameras. Cameras this, cameras that, colour, colour, colour. That's what I'm hearing. Now Chinese phone-maker Oppo is taking a stab at beating the competition to the punch, showing off a dual camera phone with a whopping 5x lossless optical zoom. Read More >>

Everything That’s Wrong With Oppo’s Folding Phone Prototype

An image showing the harsh reality of the folding smartphone display -- one of the tech world's over-promised, never arriving mythical beasts -- has emerged, and it's not pretty. Hinges, chunky cases, architecturally supportive bezels and more design woes make it clear this test piece built by Oppo is not illustrating an idea yet ready for the mainstream. Read More >>

Oppo Claims it Can Fully Charge a Phone in Just 15 Minutes

Fast-charging systems are making huge jumps in speed and Oppo seems to have reached a massive milestone: it claims it can fully charge an empty smartphone battery in a mere 15 minutes. Read More >>

Oppo’s New R5 Smartphone is Just 4.85mm Thick

You're looking at what Oppo claims to be the slimmest smartphone in the world; it measures just 4.85mm front to back. Read More >>